Fooled For Life!

Everyone of us must have had this feeling not once but many times during their lives. Well I have it almost everyday!

Ninth Grade:
Me> Mom I am sick of these books and studies. This is digusting!
Mom> Son,Ninth grade is a little bit difficult.Just pass this and see everything will be good and easy!

Tenth Grade:
Me> Mom My boards are coming. I don't think I am gonna score good marks. It so damn difficult and boring!
Mom> Oh ho Son this is all because of board class. Just work hard ,good times lay ahead!

High School:
Me> Mom Life sucks! This is so damn tough. I don't know how this shit is going to be of any use in my life.Chemistry,Maths, is all crap!
Mom> Oh Son! These two years are the toughest years in student's life. Its like two years of meditation and dedication. If you work now ,believe me you whole life will be all pleasant and fine.It all about getting into a nice college!

Me> Mom! This is utterly gross! I have no social life,People here are nerds and my life is hell. Why am I even studying these subjects. Its all cramming,the grades....But you told me the hardest part was over???
Mom> My son My son...Work hard and get yourself into a good B school. Or may be get placed in a good company. See if You get a nice fat package there will be no looking back for you!


Well I haven't gone to the next step because I am still stuck in this college.
But I am so very sure that this will follow everywhere and at every phase of my life. We are fooled.
Fooled by parents,fooled by those teachers and proffesors..and a stage comes when we start making ourselves fool!
And that day will be the most dreadful day in our lives!

It is very important that we never let that day come in pur lives!
Don't let them fool you and don't fool yourself. We have given this beautiful gift of life and we need to live it to fullest. Don't do what they tell you. Just follow your heart!


Born Besharams!

We hear about the people who are born losers and born winners and so many other things about them. But here I present you one more of the 'Born kind" class of people:

- You know that you will flunk tomorrows
exam if you do not study for few hours now.
And you still dont open the damn book.

-You know that if you go clubbing tonight ,you
wont be left with money for tomorrow's
meals. But you go for it.

- If you talk to that chic nicely and with a
little patience,she will be yours soon. But
you go tell her to shut up because she is irritating you!

-You sit for hours hoping someone will
come and bring you a glass of water you
are dying for.

-You prefer getting detained in a subject
than waking up early morning to attend that
silly lecture.

-When people tell you to get serious and
change yourself and get a life,you think the
same about them.....!

If its Yes to these, then I welcome you to the
community of - BORN BESHARMS! Life is so cool and fun...!
(I love the tag)

This Besharmi rocks!

Why Don't I have A Crush?

Look around and I see every one having a crush on someone. And it seems to be one of the very common questions your friends ask you,not just once but repeatedly. They always have one,which can be as long as years and as fresh as today.

Before going any further,its better if we first define the term crush. Its seems like that you have a feeling of a extreme liking for somone of opposite sex. ( We talk about straights all through the article). This feeling can be some emotional attraction or bonding,it can be sexual attraction, or may be even love! (We exclude cases where people have crushes every day and on like every hot chic).
So how does it feel and what you wanna do when you have a crush on someone? I guess it feels great and one wants to talk to that chick or may be go out with her. May be you think about her a lot.

Talking generally, I hope we all would be satisfaid with this and agree with it.
But the million dollar question right now s why don't I have a crush on some girl. I see a chic, check her out if shes hot,may be keep looking at her for a long time. In some cases I may go and try to talk to her. Next morning probably wont even remember her. I would feel things about her discussed above may be ,but it wouldnt be on my mind for any considerable time. So I move on with every such chic I could have had a crush on.

So is something wrong?

Is it because I know that I wont take the pains to get her. You need to work a little to get any chic,they like guys trying to pick them and doing some efforts for it. I wouldnt do enough of it and because I get sick of it pretty soon.
Or have the right chic not come to my life? Does that mean one day I would see one chic and say " hell man,I Have a crush on this chic..I want her!"
Since then it seems I would have to go on like this..without having any crushes!;)

fun-toon blog: Casino Royale!!...Royal...Is it?

fun-toon blog: Casino Royale!!...Royal...Is it?

Here is a Review written by Ankit Gupta for Casino Royale. It is written brilliantly. Exactly how I felt about the Movie!

Nice Work!

moonlight chronicle: I've learned that -

moonlight chronicle: I've learned that -

Trance is The Feel


Trance - One of the best genres of music ever. It feels like heaven when you are listening to trance.It is the the very music you should be into when you want to put every single thing in you on Standby. You feel like as everything around you has started to move on a pace the music defines. Everything goes slow,then it will start racing,and suddenly it will be all constant. Its one of those moments when there is not even a single thought in your memory. It is enchanting,it is divine!

It can even bring vivid emotions in you. Sometimes trance has some vocals too,which again simply awesome.Sometimes you will feel So high,and sometimes you will be full of energy and throttle. At times you may feel little emotional,sad,happy everything!
May be this is how you feel when you are high on dope. I don't know but from what I have heard and read,I think this is the closest you can get to it. The best part being you don't have to do dope..! I have experienced trance In discs and clubs though India doesn't seem to get really into trance ( trance is always on in my room on PC). But when I see DJ Tiesto and others Like of him performing in front of large crowds especially in Netherlands, all I feel like is to just get in and become a part of them. Somebody take me there man.
Tiesto is like God!
Its like my biggest wish to see him playing live
And yes for all those you have not experienced Trance...please do IT..!
Get the Feel....!

What kind of Friend You are.....?

Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.

Well I am GOOD...;)


What type of Fae are you?

Well I recently saw this thing. I tell you these quizes are one real fun. And they are pretty impressive...!
Try them...Cheers!

The Comfortable Silence

We all talk about God knows how many things everday.We talk with so many people- friends,family,lovers,strangers. Talking occupies a very significant time in our daily life. Sometimes these conversations can be hour lasting and still we would go on. They are so interesting,so enjoyable,they make us laugh and happy. At times they irritate us,make us sad and even angry!

And in all these talks and conversations we tend to forget something equally important - The Silence!

It was something I experienced. Everytime I think of it ,it reminds me of Ronan Keatings Song:

" Its amazing how you can speak to my heart,
Without saying a word you can light up the dark......
You say it best, When You Say Nothing At All "

She was a close friend of mine. This was our last meeting as she had to leave next day. We meet at our favorite restaurent. She just comes and sits with me. I order our food. We talk a little. "So all packing done?","Whens the Train?"........ It was all so uncomfortable. I could feel this barrier,and I could feel her feeling it too. We eat in silence. After little while each of us would try to start up a conversation but it wouldn't come up. So we stop anymore attempts knowing that it wouldn't work.

We go to the lake then. I get our coffees and we sit down in an isolated place. The lake was so silent that day. It was almost like big barren land,no ripples nothing. The hills were clearly visible,with little beautiful clouds. We just sit there. At times I would feel sad and the suddenly I would be all fine. Sometime I will try to say something again but I wouldn't. For a while I couldn't understand it. And then it all starts to feel peaceful and it call becomes clear.

There was nothing between us except a bond that I had never experienced before - The Bond of Silence. We are not even looking at each other,just staring at the blank air.
And Yes...It was Comfortable!
Sometimes the words have no place between two persons. There is nothing to be said. Its just the Silence,the quiteness and the comfort. No one of us wanted to break this connection between us. I knew and She knew that may be we will never see each other again. We have had so much between us. I don't know what she was thinking at that time but it felt as though every thing I was thinking was understood by her.

I don't know how long we sat there but it had got dark. We could see tiny lights shinning on the mountains. For once,I look at her. There it was! The Little sparkling pearl on her cheek. It was just one single drop of tear. There was no expression on her face. No sobbing, nothing. It comes down on her cheek and drops on her lap. She stands up and starts walking back....!

I was feeling really grim and sad. I wanted to say so many things,but I couldn't break that Silence. I drop her in front of her place.

"I ......" I start to speak.
"Don't!" She said!

There was no Hug,no handshake,no smile.Nothing!

She walked back and I drove back!

Yes! Sometimes Silence says so much and its so comfortable!

God....! (Getting The Gals)

-By: Akshay Bhoan

God. It’s been times when I've cursed him for the pain, times when I've thanked him for the joy and times when I say nothing and just want him besides me. Looking at what I’ve been given, it’s not all that bad. I look just fine, not bad; in fact someone who's drunk might even ask if I’m model. My parents have taught me well, as in my conversation skills make me affable to an extent. Nevertheless, there is not one thing if I might say which is so repulsive that it takes away the glory from me, but there is a thing I have never had.

Some might call it the X factor, others just charisma. No one is born with it; people say it comes with experience and patience, the maturity of mind. There have been instances when I re-analyze what I have just done and I realize that I’m a long way from being what I think I am. Actually, the reason I have concluded for the weak stand is that I unable to decide if I really desire for that individual and if I’m ready to put so much effort for her, at the time where I should be like "I will do anything for her". For example, there are two very desirable girls in the MBA department, say X and Y. The X female, is already in a relationship and this takes her out of the desire frame. The Y is single (as I have never seen her with anyone, so I assume), and hence a very attractive opportunity. Now instead of thinking of her as a person, as in a female who wants be cared for, if I start thinking of her as an entity with attributes, such as hotness, age and approachability, it weakens my stand. As I’m an engineering student, I’m younger to her at least by a year, so that it reduces approachability leave alone the number of guys trying for her each and every day. Also she is quite hot (9.0) and an attitude to match, which in technical terms makes her: un-gettable. So this makes me rethink if I should even try for her, as the probability for success is almost negligible. But what is ignored by me, is that she is too looking to meet great individuals, might not be for a relationship but for friendship with an open door to her heart.

So the question should never be "can I have her", but "what’s the best way to get in".
The future prospective should be seen and thought of later, but the first step is to be in a position strong enough as to not fade away with minor fights or mistakes. Up to 70% of women (according to the Femina survey 06) say that the lovers should be friends first. Frankly the other 30% are those who are currently in a relationship which is more of lust than understanding and will fall out of it in a matter of time. Infatuation is not very long lasting, like the one I had with MnM’s and I couldn’t stop eating them (which lasted an incredible two months).

Now this brings us to the most important and crucial aspect of approach. After you have decided and taken an oath “I’m going in”, what’s the most successful way to jump in? There is the gradual approach and then there is the impulsive one too. If you ask a girl, she’ll be ready to guarantee the gradual approach, but in real life the approach is totally based on situations. Some might say every girl has a different way to be tackled, but that is not what decides what is to be done. The rules go out of the window when it comes to relationships. The only deciding factors in the game are: 1) Prior Impression 2) Speed Of Insurgency.

Let’s leave the above factors for the time being, and conclude the above. The only moral of the story is that none of the females are un-gettable; just require a little more work from your side. And if you keep your cool at the crucial times, the ones you want will be just the one coming at you.

(Thanks To Akshay! He wrote this sitting in CCD in 10 minutes..!)

Blogs Blocked In INDIA

This is the news that has hit the Indian Blog Community and is widely being talked about. I am one of those lucky bloggers who use BSNL broadband and BSNL has not yet banned the blog sites like Blogpot.

Many Major and small ISPs have blocked blog sites like blogspot,geocities and many more. I realized it when last night one of my friend who uses Airtel told me that my blog was not opening. I first ignored it suggesting him that may be it was problem with his server.But then News in blog community and news on Indian news channel like Ndtv told me the reality.

The news showed that Departmet of Communication has issued such orders, but the department nor the ISPs are giving any clarifications or comments on this issue.
They suggested that this step has been taken by the government as the blogs were being used to spread misinformation and was threat to national security,like some blogs gave infomrnation on the islamic terrorist groups.

But all this is really weird. Bloggers across the country and angry and confused. Blogs are like a vitrual world of thousands of bloggers,where they talk about all the things. They give their views,opinions or discuss somethings. Blog sites have become an inseparable part of their lives.

Not being able to access any blog is so annoying for blogger. When will this thing be sorted out. Bloggers wait confused and angry, while we all wait to hear a word from the government!

Running away from the reality isn’t a reality!

It’s a line which calls a real wondering and thinking to do. Why would anyone want to run away from the reality? Is it because the reality sucks and the person is sick and frustrated of it. Or is it because he doesn’t have the courage to face the reality. Now if it is the latter case then it should be considered that who is responsible for creating such a reality for the person.

Now then its also said that a person himself creates his own reality. The world is all about the illusions. It’s the person himself who chooses everything in his life and creates an illusion around himself that becomes his “reality”. If this is true then why would one choose such a reality for himself that he has to run away from it. It can have two possible reasons. The reason one could be that the person is simply unaware of the fact that he himself has created all the mess and unhappiness around him. And the second and more interesting reason can be that the person has started to like his misery. The misery gives them chance to nag about their life and luck, and also get sympathy from other people

I have never been high in my life. But I can really understand why a guy would get attracted towards the dope. Simply because it gives you a new and self created illusive world where you can easily ignore your reality. You can enjoy yourself as all the miseries, tensions and unhappiness of your reality get faded.

But how long? You may feel for once you have broken the shackles and are free now,but to realize later it is not true. Sometime you have to come back and face it. Running away from the reality is indeed not a reality!


Everyone has many great dreams for himself. We all think about the person we want to become, the profession we want to choose, the things we want from our live and it is a really nice thing. And have you ever wondered how dreaming these things bring some moments of immense joy in your life. I know all you must have felt it.

Scratching on an imaginary loop scratcher,holding you headphones to your ear while you do a little headbanging to yourself...!

Playing a nice jumper and shooting the ball into the basket over a bunch of defenders.....!

Holding the imaginary mic in the hand and screaming into it in front of your fans.. You are the great rock singer...!

Riding a superbike while your mouth produces the sound of engine as you keep changing your gears...vvvhhhhooom..

Standing on the stage and bowing to the huge applauding crowd...May be giving a 'Thank you" all for making me this" speech....!

Yes! It feel so damn good. For a couple of seconds you are a DJ rolling the house, or a NBA player shooting the basket of glory or a Chester of LP performing live at texas...!
These are moments that cherish our life. The feeling pushes us to go for goals...
coz if it feels so heavenly just to imagine it..just imagine how would it feel to be indeed a reality!!!!

Life is Good

You wake up in the morning with a bright smile on your face. Its just one of those ordinary days walk to your balcony and wonder how beautiful the morning is. The mind seems to be in peace with surroundings. Walking towards the mirror, you see a wide smile on your face, its not just that the smile is on your face only but it feels
like that every body part is happy for some reason. The bread toast and eggs are so yummy, the tea you despise soothes your throat. Then suddenly the reality hits you... you have an exam tomorrow, you missed your project deadlines last night, you bills are pending and yes, your girlfriend ditched you. But still you can't help feeling good.

This is the feel good factor. There is no trace of tension. Everything looks perfect to you. It looks like the day belongs to you! It feels as though nothing can go wrong today or rather it is not going to make any difference to you!
Why does this happen? You feel so happy,excited about this day without any reason. Adreline is rushing in the veins.

Does it happen to you?

Is it something in the air or has the God gifted you this day. You would never know the reason of the happiness and that never fading smile on this day on your face you would love it and wonder when it would it happen again!!!

Listen to your heart Mr.Prime Minister

Mr.Prime Minister,
Everyone in the country respects you, especially the youth have always adored you. It was a really a moment of happiness for us when a great academician and economist was made India's PM. You enjoy the immense popularity tag in country today.

But we,the youth really had great expectations from you. When the Reservations of OBC's in higher educational institutes were announced we knew you would say something. Then there was hunger stike at AIIMS.To follow was the lathi charge and water canons on protesting students. We again looked at you to hear our voice. We did not expect anything from any of the other politicians. We know corruption runs like blood in their veins. We believed in you.
But sadly you disappoint us sir. How can you witness this injustice being done to the students. Nothin needs to be told or explained to someone of your capabilities and achievements. But don't you think the limits have been crossed now. We spend our years of life studying and sacrificing many cheering moments of life just to get into a institute like AIIMS or IIT. Our parents sacrifice their lives for us. But in the end we can't get through because the seats have been reserved for SC's and OBC's. Whats the use of studying when an OBC gets through to a college with less marks than us?
Please sir doesn't it hurt to be a puppet? Doesn't it hurt to see this injustice happening when you are the leader of the country? We know it does!
Please break the chains and come up. There's no use of being a leader when you can't do what you want to do!
Listen to your heart!

!Indian Youth!

Smarter People - Easiest way to improve!

I know most of you will agree with this statement: “The easiest way to improve myself is by surrounding myself with smarter people.” So do I. They are the living walking reservoirs of the knowledge and experience. A book may tell you all but only the experience would tell you how to go about it and what mistakes one tends to make.
The smart guy can observe you and point out everything in you. He can become your source of knowledge and a role model.
But what if there aren’t any smart people around. No don’t try telling me that it means that you are the smartest guy around, so you must enjoy the fact. Nor do I want to hear you telling that you let the lesser people improve. I know where I stand in the world and that is – nowhere. Another argument I have thought of this that every person you meet is superior to you in some way and you ought to learn from him. But I can’t wait to find out in what sense he is superior to me and I want a smarter person. Smarter than me in a broad sense. Superior to me, but not in one way but many ways.
So what’s the solution to this? I create smarter people? No that sounds absurd. If could create smart people that me than that would still mean that I am smarter than them. The simple and acceptable fact is that there must be smarter people around me. I mean there have to be. But right now I haven’t been able to find any.
Now only way left is the conventional way: learning from books, people’s advice, my own experiences and others. But these all are not easy and they do take in a lot of time!
In the meantime I should try to find out smarter people….stay with them and hence , improve myself easily!

The Realization!!

~So how does it feel when you know that there isn’t a worth while thing you are doing in your life? You are at a place you never wanted to be, living up a life style you never thought you would be….! When you realize that once you had clear vision of all your dreams and how sure you were to make them true. When you see that you are going no where near them, your whole vision is getting blurred? Not that you have lost any faith in yourself and your abilities but that you are getting rusty. Realizing that you are wasting your life and you are getting rotten up with every minute that is passing by. You are losing the control over your life, your confidence is not shaken but there is something even worse than that. You are moving away from the things for which you always had that confidence. Glass was always half full for you, it still is, but people around you are making you feel that the other half is empty too. You are running away from it, you always have….But the walls are closing down on you. How long would you run, not forever? Then you realize the biggest and sadly the worst of all realizations, that it is all indeed true….You aren’t seeing a bad dream ,you won’t wake up to find that everything is normal although you have always thought you would wake up to find this.
It is bad, but it is getting worse. It is eating you up from inside but you are not feeling the pain. You wouldn’t feel it because there won’t be anything at all to feel at one point…..
Time has come to face the truth, to wake up and tell yourself that it isn’t a bad dream. No matter how ugly it gets, how hard it gets, no matter how hard they test you, you would come up as the winner. You have the ability, don’t let yourself drown. The current may be against you, swim hard and the tide would come to take you to the shore. What is the use of the realization when you don’t realize that it is the time to act now, other wise there wouldn’t be anything left to realize at all…………!!!!!!!!

Whose life is it Anyway..?

We all have been given a life and it is up to us how we choose to live it. A few of us would choose to live it to the fullest on their own terms, some would accept it as it comes and some would choose it the way the others choose it for them. The latter seems to be the strangest class of people to me and yet strangely these people are in a very great number.
Let us discuss about this class of people today. Ask them why they are studying in engineering college. Answer wouldn’t be that because they want to be great engineers or anything else but because their parents wanted them to or their brother/sister is also an engineer. Wow that’s one swell of an answer. They are studying irrelevant subjects just to make their parents happy. This according to them is the only way to pay back what their parents have done for them. I absolutely agree with the point the sacrifices are made by parents for their children so that they become a successful person in their life. But everyone’s heart has some dreams, some secret ambition they have held up in their hearts and which would always remain held up in their hearts only. The desires, the ambitions, the passions and the dreams are suppressed just because those are not in accordance with the will of the parents and the society. This hypocrisy and pretendance has killed innumerous dreams, the wonderful artists, the writers, scientists, players that the world would have witnessed.
I once read somewhere that there are billions of human beings on this earth at the moment, but no two of them are same. A very few of us realize this fact that if the God himself wanted each and every single one us to be different then why don’t we become ourselves? If our heart says something why don’t we listen to it? The life has been given to us by the Almighty which is unique and wonderful. We have been given a unique brain and thinking and yet we choose to ignore it and listen to others. Please do not do something just because you have been told to. Do listen to your heart and your mind…….God wanted you to choose the way to live your life in your own way, so do it.

And yes! By all the ways it’s your life..!

WaKing uP LatE!

Morning is a beautiful gift of God to all the creatures of this world. Beginning of a brand new day, rising of sun, blooming flowers and the chirping birds, it is all so charming. But sadly for many of you I am one of the late risers. Not that I do not appreciate this wonderful gift of God but the sleep dominates my mind more than any other thing. One would always hear the benefits of rising early and consequently the bad effects of rising late. But I as a member of the late risers community I would like our voice to be heard by all too. Rising late has its own benefits that most people do not realize or simply choose to ignore it. Starting from the point I just made that morning is such a lovely gift of the Almighty. It’s in human nature that it stops appreciating things that become routine for him. Now morning comes each day and every day following it. So we start taking it for granted and stop realizing its importance and beauty. But a late riser appreciates its value more than anyone ever can. Its same as the importance of food is known by one who has been hungry for long time, importance of water is known best by a traveler in the desert and the sheer beauty of a wonderful morning is truly appreciated only by a late riser. He is the one who gets to witness a rising sun once in a blue moon and feels the heavenly experience. A regular early riser would never be able to feel this!
The other point is that the most beautiful and the peaceful sleep comes to you in morning only. It is the sleep one gets by opening eyes early and again forcing himself to sleep. The mind goes in to total relaxed and standby state. It goes free of all the tensions and anxieties and becomes ready to face a new ahead. As a result you wake up with a refreshed and much clearer mind even though it’s a bit late. But you would be able to do same amount of work as the early riser and that too with much greater efficiency.
The late riser doesn’t have to rush for anything, not for getting dressed up or breakfast or getting to work as he is already late so a few more minutes are not going to make much of a difference. So he does everything calmly and without any haste.
There are many other such benefits. These were just a few to name. By now I guess I had made my and my communities point. So all the early risers please do not feel proud of this fact anymore because we have woken up now, though late, but that’s what we are – Late Risers………….!

Bloom where you are planted : What if I am planted in wrong garden!

"Bloom where you are planted"
This is the quote which i came up while reading an article the other day.It says that one should first excel in the field in which he is working presently.And after blooming there, one should find another desired place to bloom again.
Now,I study in an Engineering college.I am taught all kind of absurd subjects which have no bearing with my core subject that is,Computer Science.Even if they have to teach us these subjects why cannot a single lecturer explain to me why I am suppose to study that particular subject and how its going to help me out in my profession.The marks and grades all seem fake to me.I can get top grades in all subjects without having absolutely any idea about the subject and why i am studying it,which by the way my classmates do all the time.
How do i bloom in this garden.The seed is planted in wrong soil and in the wrong garden.And to add to that, there are not many gardeners to take care of the plant.Only way to bloom is by taking a lot of chemical fertilizers and the artificial stuff.That will an artificial blooming, not a natural,lovely and a blooming flower!And I sure that was not meant by the person who gave such a lovely quote.
So what I think is that first you need to realize what kind and what breed of seed you are.Then you need to find out the right soil and the right garden to get planted in.You need dedicated gardening ,help and guidance from the learned people.That will be the the perfect flower from the planted seed which will bloom beautifully in its garden....because it was planted in the right garden!!!!

OuR CaTegOrY- The College Life!

College - that is a word that brings different emotions and feelings in everyone. This article discusses a special category of students in a college.

Let’s talk about this category of people. This category includes people who have had excellent academic records during their school time (Some got into college right after their tenth so that’s where their school life ended). But in their college they fall into average or below average spool of students.
These guys have no interest what so ever in attending classes, and even if they do they always seem to be in some alien world but always returning back to reality when their roll number is called by the teacher. They loathe the pricks sitting in front rows, whose sole aim of life seems to be getting marks. Marks hold no importance for this category. Skipping house tests is a routine. Making assignments is considered wastage of time. Let’s say they are all above these things, or that’s what they like to think of themselves.
But one or two subjects would always catch their interest. This is the subject they think is made for them and they fall in love with it. But as it happens mostly the quality of lecturers degrades their whole interest in subject.
This species is extremely good in all other activities- Organizing parties, fests, competitions or call it anything that’s Non- academic! They can be exceptionally good at these. They would happily sacrifice classes and house tests for all these things.
Second important trait of this species is hanging out at cool places and looking out for company of cool and happening women which they usually don’t find. Still nothing beats up their spirit as far as this is concerned.
And yes, they are good at writing and speaking. They are always full of new and innovative ideas. They love discussing new ideas. They love to dream. And somewhere down under in their hearts they know that all these ideas and dreams they talk about can come true if they try. They can be very vibrant and full of energy while indulged in one of these discussions.
It looks like that the species in discussion here isn’t dumb. Rather these people are quite intelligent and witty. They are innovative, they are initiators and they hold in them the great potentials of organization, leadership and immense creativity. Then why don’t they study? Simply because they see clearly that getting fake marks in fake degrees studying useless subjects is not going to help them at all. It reflects their inner self confidence and courage. They have faith in their abilities. Dreaming and believing in oneself is job half done. Will they do the other half and complete the job. Well, that remains to be seen!