Running Away

So how many times have you heard people with experience telling so many things and philosophies of life..?

I bet it must have happened to you innumerable times. They tell you all with such an awesome convincing power that listening to it over and over again - you start believing it!

  • Don't keep running from your problems. You will have to face them one day.
  • How long would you run from you life? It will catch up with you sooner or later.
  • Don't Run.. Its futile.
Yeah Yeah..All of you would have heard this. And so many of you would be seriously reading this and nodding your head like all those people you actually tell all this. (Experiences of life....Yeah!)

Well all I gotta say is -  "RUN  FASTER Dude..!"

Be better..Be faster than the problem - and you shall always stay ahead....!

Hell YEAH!