The Rush!

For all his life he has driven his car on big empty lanes. He has traveled through so many roads and so many places.He has driven through forests, there have been deserts and sands, there have been fields, and there have been mountains.
He had always enjoyed driving. He had felt the hot dry air in sand on his face. And again he had the wet drops with breeze pushing him. Then there has been no wind, just the warmth of the sun like the mother's love. There has been storms with snow blowing out everything.
It has been cold. It has been warm.It has been hot!

He had stopped wherever he had wanted. To look at the mighty mountains, To stare at the endless stars in the sky , To feel the rain drenching him, To say goodbye to setting sun and welcome it rising. And sometimes just because he wanted to stop and feel everything around him.

Yes, there have been maddening towns. The traffic, the noise, but it has been for small intervals. He has passed with, and sometimes bypassed them totally. He has kept himself to wide open roads!

Then came a might day. The wide road came at a four way. Something sharp pained in his brain. Just for a fraction of a second. It was like it came and went before you can scream!
He shook his head and moved straight!
( Close you eye and imagine this. A wide road meeting at a four way. At the very moment the view goes up and up. Up to the sky, revealing what lays ahead of that wide road)

There were lanes.
There were lanes.
More lanes.
Lanes and Lanes.
So many lanes.
Infinite lanes...

Lanes meeting more lanes.
Lanes leaving other lanes.
Lanes over lanes.
Lanes below lanes.

And there was traffic. Vehicles moving everywhere. Running, rushing, speeding. No lane was without them. All had vehicles running on them.
The maddening rush!

You cant stop. You stop and you are hit from behind.
You have to move...
Move and Rush!

There is one place where you stop - The Red light. Ya everyone stops at one.
But the light timings have been so adjusted. There is not enough time to think what is happening. The moment you try to think over it.

Whoosh there is green...

( The view keeps moving upwards. It shows the maze. You see and see. You see and it is blurred. It is blurred and it disappears!)

PS : Illustration once again by my talented friend Navi.You can visit him here.