Happiest Person

Thinking about that evening still made him smile, not smile but something between smile and laugh...

In those days the girl next door used to like him or had a sort of crush on him. She had passed on a message to him that she always gives him a smile but he never returns it. Now he happened to watch a romantic movie in those days and he was way too impressed by the proposing lines of a guy to heroine. He liked it so much that it produced an irresistible urge in him to use it in his life. Now he started wondering to whom to propose. He thought of all his female friends but it did not make any sense to him.
Naturally ,then he decided on this girl next door. The lines went on something like this :

(on his knees and holding her hand),
” Dear…. you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole life.(He added my own lines to it obviously).As you said that you smiled at me many times, forgive me but I always failed to notice that. Even if I would have noticed it, I wouldn’t have believed it. Such a beautiful girl smiling at me( I know its exaggerated)?... I want to tell you that I love you, from the very bottom of my heart. Give me a chance. I would give you the every happiness in the world. Believe me if you say yes, I would be the happiest person of this planet today. But if its no, just walk away and I would always remember you and will be there for you always..!”
( If everything goes smooth kiss her hand).

The line that hit him the most was that - 'if you say yes I would be the happiest person on the planet.' So one day he just went ahead and told her friends to call her right now that he wanted to talk to her. She came and he told her to meet him next evening in a park and before she protested or said something he turned back and walked away. Alright that was nice show of attitude!

Next day came. During all this he was very confident that he would do it. He was kind of over confident, He though it was a walk over cake for him. All he wanted to do was use that lines and tell himself that he could do it.

Evening came and the so did the time. It had already got dark. He took along a friend and stood at one corner. And she came..., but damn it! She was with three of her friends. But no problems, He told myself. He was booming with confidence. He went right ahead and her friends were giggling. He asked her (rudely which he later realized) that he had told her to come alone and he wanted to talk to her only and told her friends to leave them alone.

Giggles again!

He couldn’t understand why they were acting so weirdly. She asked them not to go, but they left and stood at one corner. And suddenly she put her both hands on her face!

... Hell!!….. That was it.. And that was the turning point for him that evening. Man she was blushing and acting shy! At that moment he realized it. He knew that was dumb of him to have realized it that late. But he understood her friend’s giggling and weird behavior. They all had known that he was going to propose her. But he wasn’t prepared for this. It was just one those impulses of doing something that he was acting on.

And then the dreadful thing happened. Goosebumps stuck him. He had forgotten all those line which were on his mind from so many days.

What do I say?
What do I do now?
Get on you knees and hold her hand- his mind told him.
Are you crazy- He snapped back to his mind.
Alright, alright forget it... Start of with your lines man!
What lines? He asked his mind again.
Yes he was in deep shit. And then he did the most absurd thing of his life.

He offered her his hand and asked her "Would you be my friend?"
That stuck her pretty hard because he could see her face and her expressions, like asking him “What the hell are you doing?”
She took his hand though.

And he could think of no thing else so he turned back.

He looked back at her. “ Is that what you had to say?”.
"Do not ask me that for God’s sake I had to say a whole fucking movie dialogue to you sweety."
He thought to himslef.
He said “Yes ."

"That is all?”. She was not shocked but she was disappointed he could see that.
So once again he started walking. He had moved a few steps that he heard a voice calling his name again. To his horrors they all were there with her- all her friends. So once again he went back.
One of them snapped “Come on man! This wasn’t what you came here for. Go ahead and say what you came to tell her.”

"Bitch! How did she know that? I didn’t even tell it to my best friend and she tells me to say what I had come here to say to her." He thought.
Yes it would have felt like shit but the ego always overcomes such feelings for him. “ What? I was precisely what I had say to her” He said to them.
There were many more “Come one” and “Say it” coming from them. But once again he went back and this time not turning back to any voices he heard. He have had enough of it.

"They must be thinking that I got nervous and couldn’t say what I had wanted to say. But he looked so sure of himself. But what happened to him? Poor guy..!" He was thinking all this to himslf.

He calls it a prank God played with him. And yes he was laughing right then.

"Poor me! She had come there to make me the happiest person on the planet that day!"