Fucked Up Everything!

"Life Sucks!"
"This is hell man!"
"Nothing to do in this rotten life"
"I am sick of it all!"
"Fuck you man..Lets do something!"

These were the things they have been telling each other from last one week. Now they were so sick and bored of saying it all again and again that they had stopped it. They just walked. There was no need to say anything. These lines played constantly in their heads. It played in there all the time. They were getting used to it.

Living with it.

Fucked up Life.
Fucked up Mind.
Fucked up Everything!

and they just walked....

They just walked..somewhere, wherever the fucking way took them. No one uttered a word. They just got the feeling to turn, they would turn, if they felt like walking straight that's what they did.

Life did suck.
Brains were indeed fucked.

And they walked.

They walked into some dark alleys. Silent, gloomy and dark alleys! It did not matter to them.


He felt the sharp vibration as his shoulder brushed the side wall of the alley. And the dead fucked brain woke up from the grave. He touched his body with the wall again.


Fuck!! What was that.
He gestured his partner to feel the wall too..


Fuckin Heavens.. What was that!

Door! There has to be a door. A door which gets them to the other side of the road. They started searching for the door frantically.


They felt it again and again. What the fuck was on with this freakin wall?

Here...I found the door...The fuckin door!

They opened up the door...


The deafening noise. The fuckin earth moving noise. The loud leads of guitar. The bass that would fucking tear you apart.

Two big guys blocked their way.

" What level you punks want?"
" Level?"
" Oh you fucking first timers haan...Gime em level 1 danny"

And something hit their arms. A pinched sharp pain. As they moved and checked out their arms. The needle was already injected into their blood.

" What the fuck was thaaaa....?"

And they were pushed inside....!

They saw a big place. The huge stage. Some rock band. The lead singer screaming into the microphone. Hundreds of people. All in black. All headbanging. All lost in their own world. It was a whole new fuckin world within this world.


The voice tore them apart. And suddenly they were floating in the air. What the fuck was happening. They floated. They were in the air. They wanted to move their body. But mind did not respond. Nothing responded. And they floated!

" All you Mothaaaa fuckaaaaaaaaaaassss........Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

They stopped to fight the flow. They stopped giving any resistance. And they floated. They floated.....in the fuckin air!!!!!

The crowd put 'em down.

The heart was banging inside. Beating? Fuckin No! It was banging inside. It was fuckin gonna come outta fuckin chest. He held his chest. He wanted to stop the heart to blow apart his chest and come out. No....Stop..!

" Lets Fuckin Rock it Tonight........................"

Fuck! What was happening. Everything was moving. Every fuckin thing out there was. or was it his head? Was he head banging.. He couldn't tell that. Whatever it was it felt good.... fuckin good!

" Life Rockssss!"
" This is Heaven.."
" This is the life..!"
" I am fuckin loving this shit!"
" Fuck you man..We are rocking.."

".........Screammm..............fuckin Screaaaaaaaaam............."


And they floated...
They just floated....
Floated in the air...
Fuckin air that is!