It is a beautiful autumn evening. The street lights have come on, though the sunlight still shines. The time when the light and darkness mate, and it looks just amazing. Traffic whirls past this road. The café is well lit place. At one table they sit. They look like a bunch of friends. All of the guys talking out loud and cracking those jokes. The song which is on sounds like – Lovestoned Remixed by Tiesto.
Two girls enter the café, and choose a corner table. One guy from the group seems detached, kind of bored. It could be well made from his gaze. The gaze- uninterested, directionless gaze….But the gaze suddenly stops!
That girl at the corner table. His gaze stops. Halts at her. The big eyes. Big eyes trying to smile, the big eyes which are just somewhere else. He knew, just knew that those eyes were not there. They were lost somewhere else. He is hypnotized in those wonderful eyes!
Few minutes pass by, and the spell breaks. He looks at the creation of God who has the most beautiful eyes in the world. A loose plain white t-shirt, military green cargos, and white sneakers. She wears just a little mascara in those charming eyes.
He just looks looks and looks. He just wishes silently that she would once look at him.

She holds the huge coffee mug with his both hands. Those hands clutching the mug and brings her close to her lips. But just then, she stops. She closes her eyes and inhales deeply as the aroma of coffee goes in her. And that expression….!
The expression that would make heavens stop. The painter would die to paint down. The poet would do anything to write down. The gods above would look down and smile…!
The expression on her face, A Nymph! Pure joy ,Bliss, Content falling down from that face!

It just leaves him mesmerized!

He so badly wants her too look at him. He hopes and he waits. And at last it comes.
But it comes and goes. As if he never existed.

She just gets up and walks out. He jumps out of his seat and follows her. He wears a light blue linen shirt ,and khakis with neat shoes. His locket moves as he walks fast.
She with her friends get in a rickshaw. He runs behind.
The rickshaw puller peddles up and it starts moving. He runs harder, and jogs with it.
“Excuse me” He calls out.
“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and I am sure I will never see someone as beautiful as you ever again…..”
He offers a red rose to her, still jogging with the rickshaw.
She gives him a blank stare. No smile, no expression comes on her face. She takes the rose from him and throws it right back on his face.
“Get Lost…..”
She never actually says that but he reads it all clear in her eyes. Those big eyes!

He finds himself on a water logged road. His shoes and khakis are all drenched in dirt. He breathed hard. He looks at the rose lying right on the road. He picks it up and looks at it.
He walks down with a mind that had nothing in it.
He gets into his black SUV, drives it…. And the rose still held in his hand!