It is a beautiful autumn evening. The street lights have come on, though the sunlight still shines. The time when the light and darkness mate, and it looks just amazing. Traffic whirls past this road. The café is well lit place. At one table they sit. They look like a bunch of friends. All of the guys talking out loud and cracking those jokes. The song which is on sounds like – Lovestoned Remixed by Tiesto.
Two girls enter the café, and choose a corner table. One guy from the group seems detached, kind of bored. It could be well made from his gaze. The gaze- uninterested, directionless gaze….But the gaze suddenly stops!
That girl at the corner table. His gaze stops. Halts at her. The big eyes. Big eyes trying to smile, the big eyes which are just somewhere else. He knew, just knew that those eyes were not there. They were lost somewhere else. He is hypnotized in those wonderful eyes!
Few minutes pass by, and the spell breaks. He looks at the creation of God who has the most beautiful eyes in the world. A loose plain white t-shirt, military green cargos, and white sneakers. She wears just a little mascara in those charming eyes.
He just looks looks and looks. He just wishes silently that she would once look at him.

She holds the huge coffee mug with his both hands. Those hands clutching the mug and brings her close to her lips. But just then, she stops. She closes her eyes and inhales deeply as the aroma of coffee goes in her. And that expression….!
The expression that would make heavens stop. The painter would die to paint down. The poet would do anything to write down. The gods above would look down and smile…!
The expression on her face, A Nymph! Pure joy ,Bliss, Content falling down from that face!

It just leaves him mesmerized!

He so badly wants her too look at him. He hopes and he waits. And at last it comes.
But it comes and goes. As if he never existed.

She just gets up and walks out. He jumps out of his seat and follows her. He wears a light blue linen shirt ,and khakis with neat shoes. His locket moves as he walks fast.
She with her friends get in a rickshaw. He runs behind.
The rickshaw puller peddles up and it starts moving. He runs harder, and jogs with it.
“Excuse me” He calls out.
“You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, and I am sure I will never see someone as beautiful as you ever again…..”
He offers a red rose to her, still jogging with the rickshaw.
She gives him a blank stare. No smile, no expression comes on her face. She takes the rose from him and throws it right back on his face.
“Get Lost…..”
She never actually says that but he reads it all clear in her eyes. Those big eyes!

He finds himself on a water logged road. His shoes and khakis are all drenched in dirt. He breathed hard. He looks at the rose lying right on the road. He picks it up and looks at it.
He walks down with a mind that had nothing in it.
He gets into his black SUV, drives it…. And the rose still held in his hand!


shikha said...

:-) veryyy sweet!!!!i really like such posts!!!

oh and jus an observation,i guess guys always miss this basic point that even if that gurl notices him , she wont ever show that!!and if he ll tell the gurl that he likes her in the first meeting , possibility of her never talking to him again increases exponentially!!! :-)

akanksha said...

Awwwwwwwwww that was sad.:-( but i guess thats reality wt u put in there...this is what any girl would have done.

But she noticed the guy,thats the point.But Love At First Sight seems too much of a storytale thing.

Keshi said...

love that pic!


Anand Sarolkar said...

Nice one! liked it...

Ab said...

well, i think ill talk about akansha's comment..
even I think first sight love is too fairy talish, or to be more specific bollywoodish..
bcos evertime i see a girl, and feel attracted look wise (and i seriously dont believe that love at first sight could have anything to do with anything apart from looks) i get this thought, but after all its just looks...
and i think beautiful women should be, like beautiful birds in a cage, on magazines or something wer you can just see and admire..

and regarding the post, i think you do a bit of overdescription... i mean, you describe scenes and all quite well, but sometimes you go over the top, so maybe you could check out that aspect mostr closely next time... (i dont know if that suggestion was called for, but you write quite well, so in case you aspire to become a good storyteller, you can use th suggestion, thats all)

Anonymous said...

'tho it's kinda sad...but the way you write it is l-o-v-e-l-y! i like your style in writing...more life to it...and will sure keep coming back to read more...in fact hope you won't mind if i put you in my links...take care ;;)

shikha said...


starry nights said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I do hope you will come by again.Enjoyed reading this post.you write very well.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow.. that is a sweet story..
brings mixed feelings to my heart.

utopia said...

hahah! lemme add a possible part 2 to that story " and then the next day he happens to bump into this ravishing girl with silken black hair, sunsine in her hazel brown eyes and as he walks past her she turns around and smiles and alas he fell in love again." And life goes on and on and we meet new people and realise how fixated we were about the wrong ones. I learnt that and and possibly am still learning but tis been one hell of a journey and the end doesn't appear to be anywhere close to my sight :).

btw i think you write rather well for a 21 year old guy without making the story nauseatingly sweet and overtly sentimental. too much of soppiness from men can be quite a turn off. good read!


fall in love....and shit happens everytime!!Btw,falling in love wid a beautiful girl is such a common mistake that people keep on doing it till they r fed up wid it...or a beautiful girls accepts the proposal!

Still searching said...

My question is - where did the rose materialize from?! Hehehe... and I agree with Shikha... even if a girl notices a guy, she wont show it... but since I dont believe in love at first sight, I can see why the girl reacts the way she does...

imperfect said...

u know what ive always fanatsized of finding my true love in a coffee shop or an unknown place, not the usual we were friends n now we date thing.
off late was busy with so many things, that had simply forgotten it.
thanks a tonne:)

backpakker said...

a typical reaction , I would say....nice vignette

Zee said...

the first bit i thought was a real incident....but intesresting ending!! :)

Standbymind said...

Thankyou for telling...will keep that in mind!

Yeah it does..but still U cant deny its existence..



Thanx man..I would keep that in mind!

Ty! Honour...!

ty ..

Mixed...? Nice :)

Thank god...wasnt a turn off for ya ;)

Fed up ...yes yes u r so right!

@Still searching
Oh man...Dint I tell u about the Florist guy outside/ The rose budding outside cafe/He always carrying a rose..
btw Madamji..Y do gals do this?

Anytime anytime;)
So start goin to cafes ...:)


Standbymind said...

Later on..what made ya think it isnt..?

Anonymous said...
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Standbymind said...

All gals agree..nobody explains????

and rose appearance explained too;)

Latharia said...

Very rich storytelling!

The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

Drowning in the limpid pools of her eyes... Mriganayani (Doe eyed)...

Well written.

The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

I always say *no matter what brickbats will surely come flying my way* that guys are much more romantic than girls. Half the time they don't even understand where the guy is coming from..

Standbymind said...

All rite..
Here we have the guy who speaks the TRUTH...

I agreeee!

soul&body said...

lovely!!!! btu sad!
i love the picture-1!!

durga said...

I really liked the way you have written this post.

I think the small little details you give make the whole thing very vivid - almost like being there!

and as rgds why?... welllll u hv plenty of great "answers" already!! :-)
sure life is a rose but remember the thorns too! :-)
still life is a rose!!!!!!!!
or so i wanna believe! :-)

great post - enjoyed reading it!

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

I'de call that EVE TEASING!! How sad...guys STILL do not know how to approach a girl...serves him right...!! Obviously, if you wasted time in the cafe by decently cracking a conversation, and instead went racing with her rickshaw and a RED ROSE??!! uh...umm...excuse me..."ail-lo ji sanam hum aa gaye hain...aaj phir dil le kar" waale din gaye my love...grow up...get smarter ;)

Standbymind said...

@ Durga

So do I wanna believe...:)
he he
Nice U liked it!!


Eve teasing?
Oh man..U break so many hearts!!

wildflower said...

well...i dun generally appreciate guys going ga-ga over girls in the first sight and stuff...

but this one is special...the way u write is special...the way u make me look at it is special..to look at it from a guy whose feelings are so real is so special...

wish i could change some things about this world, and some things about the people in it... would make them more genuine...more like the guy in this post...it's u,isn't it?

Standbymind said...

Alrite ppl...Here we have one gal >>Wildflower<< who sees things differently..
feels differently...
I appreciate that Eva :)

Love at first sight?
Well may the beauty mesmerizes U..May be there is one strong urge inside ur heart to praise it...To let the beauty know...to let the god thank and appreciate the beauty he has created...
May be at times u cant stop the real feeling inside you?

Well yeah..but was that a reality or an illusion..may be a dream..I dont know!

[Ok..think of it..did it all come coz u know me too well Eva?)

wildflower said...

well Aman...i dunno how well I know you, tough to say that....n i would rather not take a risk

but, all i know is, we think on somewhat the same lines...or rather, we feel & perceive similarly...

u know...alter egos n blah ~~~ :P

Rajeev said...

lol! Love at first sight eh!
hehe! I dont believe in that :P
but very well written as always brotha! :)

peace & love

Anonymous said...

WoW....lovely reading this emotional story & the pic is also very nice....It is so realistic & wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very very good. Sad end. BTW great blog this. blogrollin ya :)


swatimala said...

tht was true...

4 all those believers in love at 1st sight, thats what any gal would do

preetilata said...

hmmm... a nice n a touching story indeed. the pic is also lovely

d template of ur blog is also very beautiful.

thnx 4 visiting my blog n liking it 2. i 2 hv liked ur blog. will b regular 2 ur blog nw.

tk cr
:) :) :)

Meenakshi Singh said...

Hey thats nice. So romantic throughout... and right at the end, reality bites! ;-)
I loved the way it jerks at the end with her throwing the rose back. mast tha! :D

Anonymous said...

nice read... sweet enough but sad...
mind if i blogroll u??

Standbymind said...

Thanx.. THE MAN!:)



Why any gal would do that?What about U?

Ty :)

Gald u liked the jerk in the end:)

That will be honour man!
:) ty!

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

you have been linked!! :-)

eNiGmA said...
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eNiGmA said...

Sorry, removed the earlier one 'coz of a mis-spelling.
That was a great read Standby...Very well written. Just take care of punctuations and spellings. Hope your illusion, dream or whatever it was comes true, but with a different ending though. Mind if I blog roll you...

Niva said...

*on a funny note* LOL, so SUV got rejected by a rickshaw....
dude ur writeup is good, holds the reader's attention... keep up the good work....

Gonecase said...

Very nicely written and about the reaction from the girl, wasn't that something expected. Nobody would accept a rose just like that unless you are Shahrukh Khan (Its not that he is my favorite actor, girls somehow like him). But the bottom line is, its very well written, captures the whole feel.

P.S.-I hope you were not that guy

Nithya N said...

Awwwww (for the guy)
wowwww (for your writing style)

is it for real? if so i just wonder what you were doing...

Tejas said...

Man...that happens to every other guy. Wish if it was easy for people to appreciate red roses :)

Thanks for the blog comment!

disillussioned_me said...

of i were as good looking as u have described the girl...i wud have accepted tht rose! darn...ahem, did this happen to u sometime?

Ayesha Hoda said...

He took the wrong approach, I guess...

Lord Jim said...

He shouldn't have run behind her. He should have rather zoomed past her in his SUV. Then it would have been her chasing him and not vice-versa

KAYLEE said...

good post you ok?

Anonymous said...

...just checking for updates! ;))

nikhil said...

"The expression that would make heavens stop. The painter would die to paint down. The poet would do anything to write down. The gods above would look down and smile…!"

Too good man!!!...I dont know how many times I have felt the same thing...And people call them weaker sex..Baah!!! one look and we men are all goooooone!!!!!

kaushiki said...

beautifull...!!! and absolutly mesmerizing..!!very sweet...nd very nice...

hey can i like blog roll u...i hope u dnt mind...

kashika said...

wow! i felt like i was witnessing the whole thing myself.
the guy must have been crestfallen. the girl shd have at least accepted the rose, or just plainly declined it. there was no need to throw it back :(

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. i hope u liked it :)

Kaavya said...

Health was not good! isiliye kya?

Winged Fantasy said...

Hi Aman,
How are you? Well I changed my blog address. here is the new one. http://www.wingsoffantasy.blogspot.com/
Arre baba, check the page, you will know who it is. :-)


Standbymind said...

Thank you :) Honour!

I ll keep that in mind.And thank you..
Mind? LoL
Y not man..thanx for it!

he he;)

:) lol may be u r rite!


yeah man yeah..

Well well..may be u r :)

Probably ...probably not!

he ha..yup he should have done that.

me ok...how r ya?

ok..will come soon

yeah just one look man!

ty..like dyer blog..
and would be pleasure if u do!


Swell Meenakshi...
nice nice!!

kashika said...

Am I blind or dumb?

:o er...has my comment not been answered by mistake or has it been left out on purpose? :(

Hershey Desai said...

awww...thats not a happy ending at all.

come on...that was a nice gesture. silly girl should have taken the rose, if not that then atleast tell the rickshaw driver to stop.

you know what, the guy is too good for her anyway. she didn't deserve him. So there.

Abhishek Khanna said...

waow.. did that happen really?

Ada said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ada said...

poor guy.. sometimes girls are so arrogant! He only said she's beautiful, didn't profess his love or anything. She should've taken the rose, or.. shouldn't have taken it all. Why take it n then throw it? Ugh.. some girls!

Ekta said...

awww....thats so sad!!!
thats life!:-))
u can strike bulls eye all the time can u!;-)

MeMyself_n_I said...

awwwwwwwww. the poor guy. but oh well, it's only in the movies that the girl bluches shyly and accepts the rose.

How do we know said...

And then?

Behind Blue Eyes said...

You stopped by my blog a couple of weeks ago and I never commented, sorry, I've been quite lazy lately. Your writing is good. Brings back memories. If I could go back in time and give myself any advice it would be, don't worry about the opposite sex, just have fun. It will all happen eventually.

Standbymind said...

Oh SORRY...really must have missed that out..
Accept my sincere Aplolgies for that!!

and ty for comment..i liked ter blog..and yeah I agree with ya on that!

Bendtherulz said...

Well one never knows what they will find when they come to your blog....you always have something different to offer....!

Very detailed -that was good and thanks for explaining about the florist which is outside this cafe - so lifting the rose must have been easy...while keeping pace with rikshaw...!!! Hmmmm - now after this I imagined florist running after you.....as u obviously didn't pay....right :-)

Now that scene you should sold to Priyadarshan...that would get you money if not girl!!

Have you thought that may be girl is throwing a DARE !!
Comeon....first time and you want yr story to end like that....nah....

Keep wirting...and Happy Holidays...!
Tk care ~

Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. http://www.project71.com/readme Enjoyy!

kashika said...

Hey, I was just kidding. I er... tend to be dramatic at times.
Apology accepted :D

Chaitali said...

Very nice looking blog...interesting plot...but feel you should have written more.

Rashi said...

Memories will take him aboard...love never ends..it stays after evolution...

nice post !

Princess Banter said...

Awwwwwwwwwww that was just so sweet!!!!!!

phoenix said...

very touching!i loved the realistic touch you added to the whole scenario...

imperfect said...

i read it again today.
and this comment made me stop and read again-
wildflower said...
well...i dun generally appreciate guys going ga-ga over girls in the first sight and stuff...

but this one is special...the way u write is special...the way u make me look at it is special..to look at it from a guy whose feelings are so real is so special...

wish i could change some things about this world, and some things about the people in it... would make them more genuine...more like the guy in this post...it's u,isn't it?

1:34 AM

off late i had started feeling something very strong against all men. yeah ;)
this didnt change it. but it gives me the vision to probably look beyond...someday...

Standbymind said...

U r right man....I am with you on that..;)

No idea! :O

Some gals..ya man!

U can :)

Seems llike it man! :(

Then what? ;)

@blue eyes
Thank you...I shall try to have fun ;)
and thanks for comin in man!


hey thank you :)
nad Thank YOu again..I never thought in that really..
Ya..dare yes...never occured to me..
Wow..u r damn goood!

May be there will be a continuing post to this!


ty ty ty!!

ty! next time I shall!

ty Rashi!

Was it?

glad u liked it!

Well..U gat A vision..that is more than good..bllive me!


INDR's Angels said...

Liked thsoe lines , wherein u described the Lost eyes staring with that far away expressions..;-)
A beautifully crafted story man....
And u know the girl could have seen him , cos i read somwhre tht they have a peripheral vision tht allows thm to gauge at extremest corners whre guy's vision cudn't reaCH Ever, as guys have a dif vision(forgetting the jargon here;)

Keep writing more..;-)
love ur skills dude..

Irresistible Desires... said...

Bade Bdae deshon mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain..

The Acid Tongue said...

maybe he should have tried sayin those words by following her in the SUV.

His shoes and jeans could hav been saved. And maybe he could hear how she sounds like. Most girls are awesome until they open their mouths :P

Anonymous said...
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Mansi Trivedi said...

Awwww. How can a girl reject that?