The Morning

He sat at the edge of the large window of the penthouse. He was in boxers,looking at the rising sun over the beautiful city. The face was emotionless,just staring at the scene in front of his eyes. It all looked enigmatic, but his mind was somewhere else. There was nothing good about this morning. Ordinarily, it would have made a perfect morning to sit here and look out. But not today, not now, not for him!

She stood resting with the wall of kitchen. She had smiled the moment she woke up today. She was in his arms, and he slept like a baby. It was the best feeling ever,it always seemed better than the last time when she opened her eyes in the morning to find herself wrapped around in his arms. She kissed him on his cheek and slowly got up.
And it suddenly disappeared...
It just went away in one swift second...
The Smile was gone!

The kettle whistled! She came out of her thoughts and poured the tea into the cup.She tapped her shoulder and gave him the cup. She tried to give a smile to him. She sat beside him and rested her face on his shoulder.

Only last night they were happy. They were dancing together. They were close. The eyes were locked in each other all the time. They were smiling. Eyes were doing all the talking. They sparkled, they twinkled,they shined.
Later they had talked on and on and on for hours all together. They had eaten together and had gone for a drive. They had felt each other. They had touched each other. They had said all the unsaid things!
Only last night...

Now,she drove silently and he sat along. They reached and got out. No word was spoken. They stood looking at people,looking at things,looking at nothing.
She looked at the watch. She moved closer and hugged him.
And one fell...
then another.....
and another.......
Tears rolled down from her eyes!

They moved apart,she turned and started walking back.

"Don't look back. No, you can't." She told herself. She cried. And she walked.

"Look back once and I would stay back...forever." He thought.

He could still see her, but he turned too.... He turned and walked too!