Blogs Blocked In INDIA

This is the news that has hit the Indian Blog Community and is widely being talked about. I am one of those lucky bloggers who use BSNL broadband and BSNL has not yet banned the blog sites like Blogpot.

Many Major and small ISPs have blocked blog sites like blogspot,geocities and many more. I realized it when last night one of my friend who uses Airtel told me that my blog was not opening. I first ignored it suggesting him that may be it was problem with his server.But then News in blog community and news on Indian news channel like Ndtv told me the reality.

The news showed that Departmet of Communication has issued such orders, but the department nor the ISPs are giving any clarifications or comments on this issue.
They suggested that this step has been taken by the government as the blogs were being used to spread misinformation and was threat to national security,like some blogs gave infomrnation on the islamic terrorist groups.

But all this is really weird. Bloggers across the country and angry and confused. Blogs are like a vitrual world of thousands of bloggers,where they talk about all the things. They give their views,opinions or discuss somethings. Blog sites have become an inseparable part of their lives.

Not being able to access any blog is so annoying for blogger. When will this thing be sorted out. Bloggers wait confused and angry, while we all wait to hear a word from the government!

Running away from the reality isn’t a reality!

It’s a line which calls a real wondering and thinking to do. Why would anyone want to run away from the reality? Is it because the reality sucks and the person is sick and frustrated of it. Or is it because he doesn’t have the courage to face the reality. Now if it is the latter case then it should be considered that who is responsible for creating such a reality for the person.

Now then its also said that a person himself creates his own reality. The world is all about the illusions. It’s the person himself who chooses everything in his life and creates an illusion around himself that becomes his “reality”. If this is true then why would one choose such a reality for himself that he has to run away from it. It can have two possible reasons. The reason one could be that the person is simply unaware of the fact that he himself has created all the mess and unhappiness around him. And the second and more interesting reason can be that the person has started to like his misery. The misery gives them chance to nag about their life and luck, and also get sympathy from other people

I have never been high in my life. But I can really understand why a guy would get attracted towards the dope. Simply because it gives you a new and self created illusive world where you can easily ignore your reality. You can enjoy yourself as all the miseries, tensions and unhappiness of your reality get faded.

But how long? You may feel for once you have broken the shackles and are free now,but to realize later it is not true. Sometime you have to come back and face it. Running away from the reality is indeed not a reality!