Life Sucks - It always does!

It was well beyond midnight, or that was what he thought. Time had lost relevance for him. It was day and it was night. There was sun and there was no sun. He sat in the comfortable black couch. His favorite place to sit. It just gave him the perfect view.

"Who said nothing is perfect in this world" - he would think to himself.

This place had a red and blue light theme. And it looked so damn good. There was this big tank on one corner of the place. The DJ cabin was right on top of it. He was in love with the idea. It seemed as though DJ controlled the tank. The music was always great - just the right thing to resonate with your mind. The crowd was always neat and classy. Dress code was only black and white, and all stuck to it. Women with splendid figures and designer clothes. Everything was so perfect. He thanked God for perfection of the place.

"Life always sucks - yes it does" He thought about his life - No friends to hang out with, no place called home,no partner....
Yes it did suck always....The difference was the degree of the intensity. Now that varied from time to time - he agreed on that. At time, your life would suck so much that you would want to end the entire thing.

" If there wasn't the life itself - how would it suck.' What a thought!

But then at times life would not suck that much. It would suck only a bit. Does that mean there was happiness and the entire thing was perfect...

Life cannot be perfect...It always sucks!

But this place was perfect. The music was perfect. The lights was perfect. The drinks were perfect. The women were perfect. The whole set up was so damn perfect.

This is also the part of his life. So what did that mean? His life did not suck?
Now, that cannot be true. Life always sucks.

This was confusing ,very confusing, very contradictory. His head was spinning in the confusion.

His eyes went to the table. He grabbed his glass and sipped in....

Life Sucks...It always does..

Yes it dies!

"Is that Hugo Boss you are wearing and smelling of?"

He looked up and saw the hottest woman he had ever seen till day in his life come sit next to him...!

"No baby! Smell is right, the other thing is Cavalli!"

He glanced at his limted edition cell phone and key of his new black babe parked outside on the table.He took out his wallet and looked at the heap of green and glittering cards in it

No - it doesn't..!

It doesn't as long as you have the money!

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Showcasing the NEW CREATIVE for the Blog - STANDBY MODE.

Art Direction & Concept by - Akshay Bhoan.

An exceptional creative piece is always which says it all. It is beyond words. You may use all the words you know - but you will never be able to succeed.It is something you can think of in brain but can not express it. A great artist understand those pictures and the image in your mind, and puts it across - when you though it was impossible!

This is exactly where a piece of creative idea and art would come!

Credits - Akshay Bhoan
His Work -
Aky's Inspiration Shot for the Creative:

The Deep Red Stairs
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The Give Away Moment

What makes a good photograph? Or let’s say what makes a good photographer? I like a good photograph for a very important reason. For that matter a good photograph over real life and living beings.
Why? , you may ask.

A good photographer will catch a person in an unguarded moment. We all see the fake people with fake expressions in most of the pictures. The wide smiles, the pretended happy face or any pose for that matter. Not that they may not be genuinely happy that moment. But a good photo captures something in that human being which is almost impossible to catch by a normal eye – for it may last only for a fraction of second. Many of the human beings are very good at being on guard all the time. In public usually – they are always careful – in the way they act, they speak, they talk – everything. But yet there is always that moment – an unguarded split second when the photographer clicks and does the trick.

What can that moment be? Well for matter of fact it can be anything. A person who acts very kind hearted, humble and soft, a click- and capture that ruthless and cruel look in his eye which will reveal his darker side. A side - which will scare you and make you feel that this is different person altogether. Or a group of very close knitted nice friends. All of them sitting and chatting over a dinner. A clever photographer will click one of them staring at other with lust and greed in his eyes. No one would have ever suspected or even imagined that person with such feelings and emotions towards that other person. A moment – a split second – when he gives it away …and there is the click!

That’s why I always believe a good photograph can help you find out a personality than any other thing in this world. But you need a good photograph for that. And for that good photograph, you need that genius of a photographer… who clicks at that give away moment!


I have seen this happening to many of the blogger pals over the years. Many of them had given up writing - just because they could not do it anymore and some because lack of time. Few of them had just disappeared into the thin air. Most of these were class blogger - who had written some of the very though provoking and powerful pieces on their blog.

I must admit that I am in a fix too. I have been very irregular from the last two years. I have tried at times. From a long time - I have been trying hard. But it is not working. There is no inspiration from anywhere. The mind does not function in that way. Its become very static. No highs,No Lows and no drastic changes.

I know this thing never comes by trying. It just happens. Suddenly the story would come in front of your eyes - your mind would know all the details. Just few minutes and the entire piece would be written down! But it isn't happening no more!!

But I do not want to give up and shut it down. Many of you have been my good blog pals. You have been reading from a long time. And all the others - I am sure at least some of you would have come across this stage in your life also. I know that this is the time that I turn to you all for help.

I need help. I need suggestions. I need advise!

Sex Smoke Satisfaction

Almost everyone's life is fucked up. Although the degree of the fuck ups varies from person to person,point of view to point of view..but it surely is.
The debts keep coming and going, the money always creates problem - be it too less or too much - It is one helluva problem creator. The relationships, ahaan! Now who has all the relationships without the share of screwups.Parents,Spouse,girlfriend,boyfriend,partners - you name it and there is that thing which takes you the tension world. Work - The life at work. Deadlines,meetings,boss,team,deals and what note. They counting goes on and on.
All in all - We all are fucked up from all sides. Brain is a wonderful thing. It sure it. The poor thing takes up all the fucks from all the sides!

Then there is other side to the darkness. Between all this there are certain things. The great love making - the orgasm! Those minutes of good and intense love making. They are like trip to heaven. Then there is smoke. A good smoke after a good sex! What would you call that........?

"Orgasm in Heaven"

Well that is good way to describe that. These are get aways or the escape as they call it. They are short ,but they are good. Mind is such a wonderful thing. Isn't it?
You forget about all the fuckups in your life. Short as they may be - they seem to exist for an eternity at that exact time.

Satisfaction is not necessarily a permanent state of mind. Come to think of it,it seldom is. It is temporary,its short usually,but till the time it stays in - It surely gives a feeling of being Complete.

You would agree with me on that..Wouldn't you?

After all mind is such a wonderful thing......!