Life Sucks - It always does!

It was well beyond midnight, or that was what he thought. Time had lost relevance for him. It was day and it was night. There was sun and there was no sun. He sat in the comfortable black couch. His favorite place to sit. It just gave him the perfect view.

"Who said nothing is perfect in this world" - he would think to himself.

This place had a red and blue light theme. And it looked so damn good. There was this big tank on one corner of the place. The DJ cabin was right on top of it. He was in love with the idea. It seemed as though DJ controlled the tank. The music was always great - just the right thing to resonate with your mind. The crowd was always neat and classy. Dress code was only black and white, and all stuck to it. Women with splendid figures and designer clothes. Everything was so perfect. He thanked God for perfection of the place.

"Life always sucks - yes it does" He thought about his life - No friends to hang out with, no place called home,no partner....
Yes it did suck always....The difference was the degree of the intensity. Now that varied from time to time - he agreed on that. At time, your life would suck so much that you would want to end the entire thing.

" If there wasn't the life itself - how would it suck.' What a thought!

But then at times life would not suck that much. It would suck only a bit. Does that mean there was happiness and the entire thing was perfect...

Life cannot be perfect...It always sucks!

But this place was perfect. The music was perfect. The lights was perfect. The drinks were perfect. The women were perfect. The whole set up was so damn perfect.

This is also the part of his life. So what did that mean? His life did not suck?
Now, that cannot be true. Life always sucks.

This was confusing ,very confusing, very contradictory. His head was spinning in the confusion.

His eyes went to the table. He grabbed his glass and sipped in....

Life Sucks...It always does..

Yes it dies!

"Is that Hugo Boss you are wearing and smelling of?"

He looked up and saw the hottest woman he had ever seen till day in his life come sit next to him...!

"No baby! Smell is right, the other thing is Cavalli!"

He glanced at his limted edition cell phone and key of his new black babe parked outside on the table.He took out his wallet and looked at the heap of green and glittering cards in it

No - it doesn't..!

It doesn't as long as you have the money!

Original Shot on Flickr by stuempflphotography


Jaky Astik said...

If anyone around is thinking that life stuck and sucks, just go around a watch 3 idiots. After that, you won't find your life sucking anymore.

I guess, that's how it worked out for me yesterday night after I returned from the multiplex!

Swatimala said...

well...on many has, does and will always suck :D


Indrajit said...

Ya, LIFE itself is not just a word, ]but contains uin it so many travesties , travails tied together amid sprinkles of happpiness.

But on 2nd thought and 3rd a nd 4th thoughts, ys it suckss. At times (on 5th thought may be) ;)

Phoenix said...

this post may sound cynical to most but to be honest this is true.. like sucks without money...somehow materialistic things nowadays act as a catalyst for happiness, porsperity and sometimes love too...

im so glad that you have maintained the beautiful way you used to write... :)

the blog is amazing

Standbymind said...

Thats one cool movie man..

(See money again)

haha..many levels..
so right!

love the way u said it man..;)

Yes..u rock..coz u understand
and u agree!! :))

Glad u like..


Jeya Anand said...

Man!! When did u start blogging again?? :)

Tats so cool to hear from u:)..

well comin back to this sucking thing ;), its not abt whether life sucks or not!! its abt how u let it suck urs :D

p.s. I let mine suck badly by choosing this profession!!

Raghav said...

i liked the end

very modern

Raghav said...

and im on flkr too
must add u

Pri said...

jab life ho out of control,
hoton ko karke gol...
hoton ko karke gol,
seethi bajake bol...

Prixie said...

those are heavy thoughts - for a night out!

Standbymind said...

Yea man!
haha..U r doc man!


All Ijj Well!!!

yeah I guess

Canary said...

Hey, blog hopping after quite a sabbatical :)
Glad to see you around yet! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

This blog is great! Thanks for your hard work on it.

Indrajit said...

hppy new yr.

Anonymous said...

Thank for you for your hard work on this siteI really appreciate it.

Indrajit said...

Thanks,check my 100th post when you have time. tc