Sex Smoke Satisfaction

Almost everyone's life is fucked up. Although the degree of the fuck ups varies from person to person,point of view to point of view..but it surely is.
The debts keep coming and going, the money always creates problem - be it too less or too much - It is one helluva problem creator. The relationships, ahaan! Now who has all the relationships without the share of screwups.Parents,Spouse,girlfriend,boyfriend,partners - you name it and there is that thing which takes you the tension world. Work - The life at work. Deadlines,meetings,boss,team,deals and what note. They counting goes on and on.
All in all - We all are fucked up from all sides. Brain is a wonderful thing. It sure it. The poor thing takes up all the fucks from all the sides!

Then there is other side to the darkness. Between all this there are certain things. The great love making - the orgasm! Those minutes of good and intense love making. They are like trip to heaven. Then there is smoke. A good smoke after a good sex! What would you call that........?

"Orgasm in Heaven"

Well that is good way to describe that. These are get aways or the escape as they call it. They are short ,but they are good. Mind is such a wonderful thing. Isn't it?
You forget about all the fuckups in your life. Short as they may be - they seem to exist for an eternity at that exact time.

Satisfaction is not necessarily a permanent state of mind. Come to think of it,it seldom is. It is temporary,its short usually,but till the time it stays in - It surely gives a feeling of being Complete.

You would agree with me on that..Wouldn't you?

After all mind is such a wonderful thing......!


Devils Advocate said...

It indeed is...

Indrajit said...


Osho has said that sex is next to meditation and it was excellently written, I was confounded and enlightened. Just thought of mentioning it here.

Btw, you rock! & so does OSho!

Standbymind said...


Ya I know man..He words are profound and enlightening for sure.

He does for sure!

btw- you planning to get published?

Niel said...

Smashing Piece!

Mansi said...

nice post!! and so true..

Anonymous said...

Ho! Shame Shame!!

The taboo in Indian Society...(I bet people do have this in Indian Blog Society)

Die Hard said...

Nice Blog.. Pl do visit my blog..

Standbymind said...
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