The Give Away Moment

What makes a good photograph? Or let’s say what makes a good photographer? I like a good photograph for a very important reason. For that matter a good photograph over real life and living beings.
Why? , you may ask.

A good photographer will catch a person in an unguarded moment. We all see the fake people with fake expressions in most of the pictures. The wide smiles, the pretended happy face or any pose for that matter. Not that they may not be genuinely happy that moment. But a good photo captures something in that human being which is almost impossible to catch by a normal eye – for it may last only for a fraction of second. Many of the human beings are very good at being on guard all the time. In public usually – they are always careful – in the way they act, they speak, they talk – everything. But yet there is always that moment – an unguarded split second when the photographer clicks and does the trick.

What can that moment be? Well for matter of fact it can be anything. A person who acts very kind hearted, humble and soft, a click- and capture that ruthless and cruel look in his eye which will reveal his darker side. A side - which will scare you and make you feel that this is different person altogether. Or a group of very close knitted nice friends. All of them sitting and chatting over a dinner. A clever photographer will click one of them staring at other with lust and greed in his eyes. No one would have ever suspected or even imagined that person with such feelings and emotions towards that other person. A moment – a split second – when he gives it away …and there is the click!

That’s why I always believe a good photograph can help you find out a personality than any other thing in this world. But you need a good photograph for that. And for that good photograph, you need that genius of a photographer… who clicks at that give away moment!


PJT said...

True words man ..
i like the thought !

Vagabond said...

caught red handed =P
i second it is a nice thought.
but then there are many a times where it might not hold true...
think about it.

but yeah nice point of view. so you decided to stay =P

Vagabond said...

*read as:(and also missed a line)

but yeah nice point of view.
and yes your flickr stream shows some great pics.

so you decided to stay =P

The Juggernaut said...

i so damn agree =)
i wanna take up fotography too =)

humbl devil said...

will have to agree with vagabond here...i have taken many pics where the people in them come off as someone totally different...all accidental cliks...
and i know them well enuff to understand that they can't be what they look like in that pic... have come back with a bang!!
nys post buddy...:)

Third Eye said...

no one gives any expression accidentally. Its usually a dormant part of their personality. Now some might say that the person is not like this or like that, but then again, the camera is not lying, its what it is, it what it sees in black and white..

Standbymind said...

Ty man!!

It holds true everytime..
It is the moment when the subject gives
it all away..

Glad ya llike photostream!

Welcome man..come in!

You are missing the point here pal..
It is not accidental click.. It is
there part of personality..which
they are very careful not to come out..
a minor trait may be..but it is!

and Thanx!! :)

@Third Eye
Yes- I second you totally..
The click is always the truth..
acceptable by us or not- thats a
totally diff story!!!

Nikki said...

I like the way you put your thoughts into words here. Very apt. And I love the last pic. It is simple but so much is going on in there!

Princess said...

Hi Friend..

Nice thought about photography, but it is hard thing to do and for the same reason the results will be impressive i guess..

PS:I posted the answer for the puzzle painting.


Indrajit said...

Beauty Sir!! Learnt a lottt!!
N I knw u r a gr8 photpgrapher( I think so and pls don't disagree).

So teach me!


Standbymind said...

thanx Nikki.WB!!

jus checked the answer..

This shot is by a great guy - Pagan Moth.
Do have a look at his photostream..
Very Intersting Style!!


Jaky Astik said...

O MY GOODNESS! I've started to love your blog. you impressed me, huh.

~≈βεoωųℓf≈~ said...

thank you, sir
great blog, looks really nice.