Normal with an AB.....

I was just wondering that at times...Let me be frank here, Many times I mean I do tend to do things which are kind of not normal. But then again I started thinking that everything in this world is relative. Only if I do things that I think are not normal doesnt mean that I am crazy, or the fact that they are not normal.
So I decided to ask you all a few questions and then see about it.

Here are a few questions. Please answer them If u consider them sane.

1. Just to get a feel of the movies like 300 or Sincity (I mean the screen they are shot on...the gloomy feeling it gives), you wear sunglasses and ride you bike at 120 kmph at Night?

2. How Long have you chewed a single chewing gum?

3. How long have you sat in CCD/Barista/Any cafe doing and saying Nothing at all?

4. Travelled 600 kms in a day, everyday of your final exam ie 6?

5. Saw a C grade movie by booking the tickets on phone and asking them If its housefull (and you are all alone in the hall)?

6. Rode your bike before your gal has sat on it ?( I mean she is putting her leg ...its still in air and u move the bike..)

7. You turn on the key on your lock while you are putting it on your gate and when you leave the lock from your hand it falls down.....

That will be it. Its already got too much I guess.

So let us see where I stand..Normal....Ab - Normal.....Sub-Ab Normal.......

Him and Her

Phase One
His eyes are randomly surveying the crowd hanging around. Usual boring stuff,nothing special. As he is about to take his gaze back and shake his head disapprovingly, he checks himself.
Did he catch something....He turns around his gaze again. There is she - This girl. She is really beautiful ,and there is something about her that makes his eyes stick on her face. He starts looking at her everyday for next coming days. But she shows an utter disinterest. She would look away and leave the place he is around. He tries it for few more days but in vain. So he gets upset and irritated,and at the end stops taking interest in her!

Phase Two
He is sitting at his usual place. He feels a familiar feel of eyes staring deep into his eyes from a distance. He comes out of his numb state of mind to look whats bothering him. Thats the same girl looking at him. He ignores her completely.
Next day, same thing happens. There is no smile, there is no feel or invitation in her eyes - Just a blank look, the same he used to give her. Sometimes the yes would lock up, but then again he would remember the old days and ignores her constantly.

Phase Three
He is once again hanging out with his friends. She too happens to pass him by from distance at times.
He would look at her thinking what to do.
She would look at him thinkin what kind of guy he is.

And then both of thm look away and go on with their lives!

Any idea, Any guesses about the Fourth Phase.....?

How you wanna die?

Headbangin to : Du...Du Hast...Du Hast Mich ( You...You Hate...You Hate Me) by Rammstein.

Sipping: Redbull (yeah it gives me wings;) )

I have this thought so many times. What If I suddenly decide to die. How am I gonna do it.
Well I have already decided on it sometime ago.I made this decision when I was riding the bike on mountains. Those lovely curves, a nice road and beautiful scenary.
Sometimes the clouds would appear in the way. On your one side is the mountain and on the other the valley. A deep valley...All you can see is greenary. Or if you look a bit away, A flowing river or some little farm and few huts. The scenes is certainly mesmerising. The cool breeze which touches your face. I mean it is enigmatic.

And you are controlling this bike of yours. Speeding through the curves. I love the blind curves, I sometimes increase my accelaration while handling a bling curve to feel the thrill.
And how I wish I wish I wouldnt turn my handle...and just let the bike go staright and fly away....Fly on my bike ... I mean I have imagined that moment so many times..The moment the front tyre would go off the road...and then the whole bike...Into the air.....I am going to love it.

I wish I would do it someday. Last time I felt like doing it, the friend sitting behind went crazy when I told him what I was thinking...
It would be awesome..My connection with the Air...The Sky ...The Valley...and yeah I know the Death..But it would be God damned worth it .....whole of it..!

Sipping....Red bulls last sip....You.. You Hate.. You Hate Me.......

P.S: Whenever I read this sign board on road - "Speed thrills but Kills" I just feel like adding a line to it..


Linkin Park is Back!

Well wait for almost four years is over , and LinKin Park are back with their new album. This one is called - MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT.
As for the name of the album ,it has a reference to the doomsday clock,which is set for the nuclear destruction of the world. It was set at seven minutes to the midnight at the cold war time,and presently stands at Five minutes to midnight.
Its scheduled to hit the stores on 14th may worldwide. I am still checking the tracks I have got my hands on (thanx to the pirate and p2p brotherhood). As mentioned by Mike Shinoda, there is a definitive change in their whole style..its just not exactly the NU or Rap/rock thing anymore.
This single called " What I've Done" is already out and so is its video. Its so soothing and so awesome to hear the Chester's lovely voice again...He has one great voice for sure...( Remember "My december"..or last verses of "In the End")
They are one of my personal favorites and even if I have got almost all the songs ...I am really looking forward to 14th to go and grab the copy of " Minutes to Midnight"!
I leave you with few lines from the new single - What I've Done! (I am gonna put this one in "My songs" section If you want to listen)

In this farewell,
There’s no blood,
There’s no alibi.
‘Cause I’ve drawn regret,
From the truth,
Of a thousand lies.

So let mercy come,
And wash away…

What I’ve Done.
I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become.
Erase myself,
And let go of what I've done!


Sohni Kudi

I am standing outside Ccd, just enjoying the cool breeze and making my mind to go inside again or not. A very tragic dilemna as there is no other place to hang out here.There is suddenly this voice behind me.
"Bhaiya bahut bhuukh lagi hai...bhagwan ke naaa....."
I see a small child beggar and ignore him. He keeps crying and saying all those things they say. So I finally put my hand into my pocket to find out any change or coins. And I find one five rupee coin. As my hand is coming out of my pocket, the beggar says,
" Waheguru kare tujhe Sohni Kudi Sohni Mem Mile!"

Now something strikes me hard ( For all you saas bahu fans , imagine that repeated sound - dhiiidhiiiii dhiidhiiii and camera on face repeatedly) . I don't understand why,but my hand just freezes and I drop the coin back into the pocket.
I tell him to go away,and I get into the cafe. I sit in a corner and order my Iced- caramel.
My mind goes back few years back ( yeah Flashback..)....
I am standing outside a theatre with my beautiful chic. I am quite happy and having fun. I really like this chic and she was really cool. I was kinda elated to be with her for that day. We are talking and there is voice from the back.
" Bhaiya kuch de do..Bahut bhookh lagi hain..."
My hand goes into my pocket searching for some odd coin....

"Bhagwan tumari pyaari Jodi hamesha ke liye banaye
rakhe,Kitna sundar joda hain..!"

We both are surprised , and it kinda felt good to hear that..(who wouldnt want to be with a hot chic for a long time, if not forever).
I stop fumbling with coins and take out a 20 rupee crisp note and give to that beggar.

Back to Ccd....My coffee isnt good as it is usually. Well,without going into the details - The girl was with me for the whole day, but that was the LAST time we were together! Nothing went wrong that day,but somehow we were never able to get together again and the whole relation gradually faded away over time.

I have just one request to make to All India Beggar's Association
- Please do not say anything about the "Sohni Kudi", "Jodi bani rahe" etc ,or anything to that effect to guys like me...

Thank you...I will happily pay you if you just ask me simply to give
you something!!!