Sohni Kudi

I am standing outside Ccd, just enjoying the cool breeze and making my mind to go inside again or not. A very tragic dilemna as there is no other place to hang out here.There is suddenly this voice behind me.
"Bhaiya bahut bhuukh lagi hai...bhagwan ke naaa....."
I see a small child beggar and ignore him. He keeps crying and saying all those things they say. So I finally put my hand into my pocket to find out any change or coins. And I find one five rupee coin. As my hand is coming out of my pocket, the beggar says,
" Waheguru kare tujhe Sohni Kudi Sohni Mem Mile!"

Now something strikes me hard ( For all you saas bahu fans , imagine that repeated sound - dhiiidhiiiii dhiidhiiii and camera on face repeatedly) . I don't understand why,but my hand just freezes and I drop the coin back into the pocket.
I tell him to go away,and I get into the cafe. I sit in a corner and order my Iced- caramel.
My mind goes back few years back ( yeah Flashback..)....
I am standing outside a theatre with my beautiful chic. I am quite happy and having fun. I really like this chic and she was really cool. I was kinda elated to be with her for that day. We are talking and there is voice from the back.
" Bhaiya kuch de do..Bahut bhookh lagi hain..."
My hand goes into my pocket searching for some odd coin....

"Bhagwan tumari pyaari Jodi hamesha ke liye banaye
rakhe,Kitna sundar joda hain..!"

We both are surprised , and it kinda felt good to hear that..(who wouldnt want to be with a hot chic for a long time, if not forever).
I stop fumbling with coins and take out a 20 rupee crisp note and give to that beggar.

Back to Ccd....My coffee isnt good as it is usually. Well,without going into the details - The girl was with me for the whole day, but that was the LAST time we were together! Nothing went wrong that day,but somehow we were never able to get together again and the whole relation gradually faded away over time.

I have just one request to make to All India Beggar's Association
- Please do not say anything about the "Sohni Kudi", "Jodi bani rahe" etc ,or anything to that effect to guys like me...

Thank you...I will happily pay you if you just ask me simply to give
you something!!!


Sifar said...

If only some intelligent beggar who surfs web @ some i-cafe and happen to read your blog. hehe...

Well, if the things were that great betn you 2 and if she didnot call you then why didn't you take the initiative to get in touch with her. Man, your story made me remember mine. Well, I hope where ever she is (my gal) I hope she is happy and I wish the same for your gal too.

Macabreday said...

was wondering how it would be if some eunuch did and said the same thing.. lol :-)
and as for the girl.....well.. dont be afraid to future.. succeed or not, you can later say you tried....just never let go without a try ;-)

Prince Kazarelth said...

Mmm... I really can't say much about this post. Can't really think for now.

And about what you said in my blog.
It is true. And I can feel that it is true without an abusive word used as an adjective. Please do NOT use these words in my blog. You may do so in your own blog. But not mine.

And no. I don't feel good at all. I just feel very bad.

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

nice post... but look at the beggar's side also; well, he has to say soemthing to get that money from u

Cyberkitty said...

ha ha ha - it starts with beta pass ho jaoge.... acche number aayega exam mein.... badiya naukri milega ... lottery lag jaayegi ...... etc etc

Aditi said...

he he,
the beggar just saw u alone (without a girl) and was blessing you, that you'd soon have a girl, but alas, sometimes things go wrong way, as it did with him... poor beggar, nothing for blessings, not even a rupee..
send this post to the all India beggars association also (if any)...

about what you guessed had come true, i've replied in my post, the decision is reversed within 24 hrs.

Minakshi Singh said...

hahahaha... good screenplay ;-)
I could hear the background music and the lightning and mirror's cracking like in all those saas-bahu serials. And yeah the black & White images while in flash back... :-)

On a more serious note. Yes it does seem annoying when people without meaning anything, without any genuineness just harp about your personal life. hmmmmm thats all I can say. :-)

StandbyMind said...

Who knows they do surf the web man:)
And ya I bet they both are very happy!

Man..please dont even make me imagine that..enunuches...!

Oh! Do forgive me...I will keep using that in my blog...would publish a censored version for kids!!;)
kiddin..point taken

I am man...just tried to take a little humorous view here!

You said that kitty..once when i dint pay him he said "tu pass nahi fail hoga.."

I am gonna send them this for sure:)

thanx...u could sure imagine that n yer mind

Nithya N said...

just wondering about the bulb that would have glowed in his head when you took out your 5 rupee coin and how it would have exploded to see it go back into your pocket...

Protegeoflife said...

what a view bender but here u find beggars entering home and askin money well is it lonan sharkin neways good post and lovely comments totally agree wid ur point

Hershey said...

but seems like trouble started because you were standing outside CCD...thats why I prefer barista.

wonder why no one tells me I will get a good looking gal..they all say I will live a long happy life..

lol..just coz he said something nice you gave him a 20 instead of a 5... was probably not meant to be..besides "forever" is only a day really soo..that beggar was correct.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
BTW your story made me laugh was kind a comedy-tragedy...but may be am rubbing salt on your zhakham :) then am sorry buddy!

But nicely said and I agree with you, as beggars are also upgrading themselves with there styles ;)
But its too bad that beggars will not be reading this post of yours to understand your feelings :)
A unique and observing fact

Jeya Anand said...

hey .. as i have no idea abt hindi,our national language, i really ddint get those words...:(

Bob-kat said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog.

We have beggars here in the UK but they mostly ask for spare change (I never have spare change as it can always be spent on something!).

Sue said...

Thanks for commenting my blog!
Your story was interesting although I missed parts, I think I grasped the basic idea...
The real beggars I've met (mostly in NYC) are scary people, often drunk, druggies or mentally ill; we avoid them completely if at all possible...and I try to support charities that help them instead.

The people begging in my neighborhood are usually well off people asking for me to pay for their kid's activities! "Please donate for the Iselin Giants Cheerleaders to go to the competition in Florida!" It's easy to ignore those people. I pay for my own kid's activities, and I think they should too!

Zee said...

well i was blessed once like that and i did start seeing the guy but he turned out to be the biggest jerk around! hence i don't entertain beggar kids who tell me stuff as such anymore either!

Anonymous said...

freakin well written man... think of making a movie soon .. i am ready to produce it .... need a great story though

StandbyMind said...

Well..I really missed that...would consult ya if I write somethin again..that really would have beennice idea...Thanx fr droppin by!

Hey dood thanx for readin:)

Well I dun have Barista here where my college is
well day is too short..may be a week culd have been like really good

thanx zakham has healed

mm I ll hafta translatet then?

U bet spares can be useful..thanx for droppin by..

betthey should..ty for takkin time to visit

Lol Zee...thats bad..we r kinda in same ship...:)

Man lets do it...I ll start workin;)
(Dood ur profile s access is denied..prob to visit yer blog...)

Hershey said...

no barista? well..atleast you have CCD... sigh..all we have is mcdonalds..and no one ever visits it..
nothing else in the entire area..

yea sure you would have loved a week...would have loved a weekend even better I I correct?

StandbyMind said...

Well I avoided mentioning that...but yes u r correct there..;)

Hershey said...

personally I prefer something better than a weekend date..for me, a perfect date would probably be having room service bring breakfast the day after..
ofcourse..I mean we spend the entire night..talking..

btw, that mood have to choose which mood you want to display..doesn't happen on its own..gotta manually change the mood everytime.

Hershey said...

left a detailed explanation on my blog accidently..don't wanna delete it now...too lazy to copy long story short..
college life= its overrated.

Meenu said...

haha .. funny indeed .. But guess what such a thing happened to me too .. i was planning for studies outside chennai where i stay at presnet .
One kabooliwaala jaisa person .. not exactly him though came to our place and asked for some old clothes and money .. we gave one .. and he said tamil"Let God bless you and i say you will be all happy ,, buy a red maruthi car and ur daughter(ie me) will study abroad !

khaali abroad chod .. i did not even travel 20 km away for studies :D

Richa Bhardwaj said...

GOD! Have experienced that SO many times. But this one time an eunuch said 'dosti bani rahe' and that was really really sweet coz I was with my best friend. Handed over 10 bucks but the bloody friendship did not last. So I think it works the other way. Grr.

And dude, you have an EXTREMELY beautiful template. And a great dp too! AWESOME!

Hershey said...

yea will see your college blog someday...
to tell the truth...I barely have time to see this working way too much..

Aruni RC said...

Interesting post. I suppose these guys say things so unintentionally, yet the impact they make is rather disturbing. Thank god it hasn't occurred to me as yet! Not a very nice prospect.

Oh, and a pretty cool tmeplate, pal!

whiskypriest said...

see the film traffic signal. u wont hand out a rs 20 note next time

aizy said...

thnx for ya comments in ma blog!! well., i accept whatever u say!!

Kanu said...

ha ha ha.....Interesting blog you have here....I like this title...Stand By mode....Keep it up

MeMyself_n_I said...

hahaha. couldn't help but laugh while reading this. oh well, as they say, life's like that. :-p
thanks for visiting my blog by the way!

shikha said...


u know this happens all the time happnd to me several time..and in my case its all abt gettin a good husband and gettin married asap and gettin a good mother in law...
i do give dem if i hav few coins wid me..but most of d times i preer avoiding kinda irritates me ..but anyway , one interesting observation..evtime i had been with sm guy(bf or jus a date) and sm chotu beggar cms , d guy always give him smthin or d other..!if m with a fren , d guy wont..but if i am on date wid d same guy , he will!!umm....jus an observation..thought i should add dis here!! :-)

StandbyMind said...

Lol ...baut bura hua dost..:)...may be life has the best planned for u....

See I am not the only thanx

It may occur out :)

ya saw that..but it happened with me before the movie came out

thanx man!

Good to know u laughed...Thats y I wrote this one!

Ya that is quite a good observation..and I must admit its true..almost all the time:)

kaavya said...

Well if not begger atlst ccd ppl were blessd by wht eva ultimatly some1 somewhr got thr part of share witht even peeking thru ur life...ahhh dts life i guess...btw u told me u'll try d recipe on "hot" chic? why only "hot?" why nt make gal hot wid d recipe??? ;) thnk abt it

Ankit Gupta said...

"bhagwan tumhara blog sada kayam rakhe"....gud story...really lyked

kaavya said...

:) :) :) :) :)
Paaji image kaha se mila?

Anonymous said...

i dont have a blog on blogspot rather wordpress ! n seems uve left orkut

diyadear said...

ha ha that was funny!!!

Monika said...

nice one... these beggars say some weird things sometimes, once i was just with a good friend and we were just friends when she started with her usual jodi bani rahi etc i was so irritating but both of us still taking it in our stride laughing abt it and then she went one step ahead tumhe sunder sa lala de and that was too much i was so embarrassed, and i know a friend who was with his real sister and they said all these...they dont think before speaking they have a few practiced lines which they just repeating

Ashar said...

That was quite an interesting experience! And I completely agree with you, sometimes beggars just mess it all up..LOL and may you really get your sonni kudi..don't worry am not affiliated with the All India Beggars Association ;)

purvabhatia said...

I am sure they have different blessings for different 'categories' of people!

Nice blog