Bloom where you are planted : What if I am planted in wrong garden!

"Bloom where you are planted"
This is the quote which i came up while reading an article the other day.It says that one should first excel in the field in which he is working presently.And after blooming there, one should find another desired place to bloom again.
Now,I study in an Engineering college.I am taught all kind of absurd subjects which have no bearing with my core subject that is,Computer Science.Even if they have to teach us these subjects why cannot a single lecturer explain to me why I am suppose to study that particular subject and how its going to help me out in my profession.The marks and grades all seem fake to me.I can get top grades in all subjects without having absolutely any idea about the subject and why i am studying it,which by the way my classmates do all the time.
How do i bloom in this garden.The seed is planted in wrong soil and in the wrong garden.And to add to that, there are not many gardeners to take care of the plant.Only way to bloom is by taking a lot of chemical fertilizers and the artificial stuff.That will an artificial blooming, not a natural,lovely and a blooming flower!And I sure that was not meant by the person who gave such a lovely quote.
So what I think is that first you need to realize what kind and what breed of seed you are.Then you need to find out the right soil and the right garden to get planted in.You need dedicated gardening ,help and guidance from the learned people.That will be the the perfect flower from the planted seed which will bloom beautifully in its garden....because it was planted in the right garden!!!!

OuR CaTegOrY- The College Life!

College - that is a word that brings different emotions and feelings in everyone. This article discusses a special category of students in a college.

Let’s talk about this category of people. This category includes people who have had excellent academic records during their school time (Some got into college right after their tenth so that’s where their school life ended). But in their college they fall into average or below average spool of students.
These guys have no interest what so ever in attending classes, and even if they do they always seem to be in some alien world but always returning back to reality when their roll number is called by the teacher. They loathe the pricks sitting in front rows, whose sole aim of life seems to be getting marks. Marks hold no importance for this category. Skipping house tests is a routine. Making assignments is considered wastage of time. Let’s say they are all above these things, or that’s what they like to think of themselves.
But one or two subjects would always catch their interest. This is the subject they think is made for them and they fall in love with it. But as it happens mostly the quality of lecturers degrades their whole interest in subject.
This species is extremely good in all other activities- Organizing parties, fests, competitions or call it anything that’s Non- academic! They can be exceptionally good at these. They would happily sacrifice classes and house tests for all these things.
Second important trait of this species is hanging out at cool places and looking out for company of cool and happening women which they usually don’t find. Still nothing beats up their spirit as far as this is concerned.
And yes, they are good at writing and speaking. They are always full of new and innovative ideas. They love discussing new ideas. They love to dream. And somewhere down under in their hearts they know that all these ideas and dreams they talk about can come true if they try. They can be very vibrant and full of energy while indulged in one of these discussions.
It looks like that the species in discussion here isn’t dumb. Rather these people are quite intelligent and witty. They are innovative, they are initiators and they hold in them the great potentials of organization, leadership and immense creativity. Then why don’t they study? Simply because they see clearly that getting fake marks in fake degrees studying useless subjects is not going to help them at all. It reflects their inner self confidence and courage. They have faith in their abilities. Dreaming and believing in oneself is job half done. Will they do the other half and complete the job. Well, that remains to be seen!