Bloom where you are planted : What if I am planted in wrong garden!

"Bloom where you are planted"
This is the quote which i came up while reading an article the other day.It says that one should first excel in the field in which he is working presently.And after blooming there, one should find another desired place to bloom again.
Now,I study in an Engineering college.I am taught all kind of absurd subjects which have no bearing with my core subject that is,Computer Science.Even if they have to teach us these subjects why cannot a single lecturer explain to me why I am suppose to study that particular subject and how its going to help me out in my profession.The marks and grades all seem fake to me.I can get top grades in all subjects without having absolutely any idea about the subject and why i am studying it,which by the way my classmates do all the time.
How do i bloom in this garden.The seed is planted in wrong soil and in the wrong garden.And to add to that, there are not many gardeners to take care of the plant.Only way to bloom is by taking a lot of chemical fertilizers and the artificial stuff.That will an artificial blooming, not a natural,lovely and a blooming flower!And I sure that was not meant by the person who gave such a lovely quote.
So what I think is that first you need to realize what kind and what breed of seed you are.Then you need to find out the right soil and the right garden to get planted in.You need dedicated gardening ,help and guidance from the learned people.That will be the the perfect flower from the planted seed which will bloom beautifully in its garden....because it was planted in the right garden!!!!


mie said...

thankx for the comment^^ its awsome that u like coffee too. sometimes to drink too much that i have to cut off more. anyways... nice meeting u:)

moonlight said...

tat quote is new to me...having said so yes we all r born and broughtup in a very cofined atmosphere called 'home' and getting away frm there adapt to different situations and places by imbibing the factors of the moment to survive... ur need of the moment is a good education and so u r here to secure tat....inspite of all the constraints u r staying put to achieve tat goal...the degree. u hv survived so far and wishing u all the best in the future!