God....! (Getting The Gals)

-By: Akshay Bhoan

God. It’s been times when I've cursed him for the pain, times when I've thanked him for the joy and times when I say nothing and just want him besides me. Looking at what I’ve been given, it’s not all that bad. I look just fine, not bad; in fact someone who's drunk might even ask if I’m model. My parents have taught me well, as in my conversation skills make me affable to an extent. Nevertheless, there is not one thing if I might say which is so repulsive that it takes away the glory from me, but there is a thing I have never had.

Some might call it the X factor, others just charisma. No one is born with it; people say it comes with experience and patience, the maturity of mind. There have been instances when I re-analyze what I have just done and I realize that I’m a long way from being what I think I am. Actually, the reason I have concluded for the weak stand is that I unable to decide if I really desire for that individual and if I’m ready to put so much effort for her, at the time where I should be like "I will do anything for her". For example, there are two very desirable girls in the MBA department, say X and Y. The X female, is already in a relationship and this takes her out of the desire frame. The Y is single (as I have never seen her with anyone, so I assume), and hence a very attractive opportunity. Now instead of thinking of her as a person, as in a female who wants be cared for, if I start thinking of her as an entity with attributes, such as hotness, age and approachability, it weakens my stand. As I’m an engineering student, I’m younger to her at least by a year, so that it reduces approachability leave alone the number of guys trying for her each and every day. Also she is quite hot (9.0) and an attitude to match, which in technical terms makes her: un-gettable. So this makes me rethink if I should even try for her, as the probability for success is almost negligible. But what is ignored by me, is that she is too looking to meet great individuals, might not be for a relationship but for friendship with an open door to her heart.

So the question should never be "can I have her", but "what’s the best way to get in".
The future prospective should be seen and thought of later, but the first step is to be in a position strong enough as to not fade away with minor fights or mistakes. Up to 70% of women (according to the Femina survey 06) say that the lovers should be friends first. Frankly the other 30% are those who are currently in a relationship which is more of lust than understanding and will fall out of it in a matter of time. Infatuation is not very long lasting, like the one I had with MnM’s and I couldn’t stop eating them (which lasted an incredible two months).

Now this brings us to the most important and crucial aspect of approach. After you have decided and taken an oath “I’m going in”, what’s the most successful way to jump in? There is the gradual approach and then there is the impulsive one too. If you ask a girl, she’ll be ready to guarantee the gradual approach, but in real life the approach is totally based on situations. Some might say every girl has a different way to be tackled, but that is not what decides what is to be done. The rules go out of the window when it comes to relationships. The only deciding factors in the game are: 1) Prior Impression 2) Speed Of Insurgency.

Let’s leave the above factors for the time being, and conclude the above. The only moral of the story is that none of the females are un-gettable; just require a little more work from your side. And if you keep your cool at the crucial times, the ones you want will be just the one coming at you.

(Thanks To Akshay! He wrote this sitting in CCD in 10 minutes..!)