Why Don't I have A Crush?

Look around and I see every one having a crush on someone. And it seems to be one of the very common questions your friends ask you,not just once but repeatedly. They always have one,which can be as long as years and as fresh as today.

Before going any further,its better if we first define the term crush. Its seems like that you have a feeling of a extreme liking for somone of opposite sex. ( We talk about straights all through the article). This feeling can be some emotional attraction or bonding,it can be sexual attraction, or may be even love! (We exclude cases where people have crushes every day and on like every hot chic).
So how does it feel and what you wanna do when you have a crush on someone? I guess it feels great and one wants to talk to that chick or may be go out with her. May be you think about her a lot.

Talking generally, I hope we all would be satisfaid with this and agree with it.
But the million dollar question right now s why don't I have a crush on some girl. I see a chic, check her out if shes hot,may be keep looking at her for a long time. In some cases I may go and try to talk to her. Next morning probably wont even remember her. I would feel things about her discussed above may be ,but it wouldnt be on my mind for any considerable time. So I move on with every such chic I could have had a crush on.

So is something wrong?

Is it because I know that I wont take the pains to get her. You need to work a little to get any chic,they like guys trying to pick them and doing some efforts for it. I wouldnt do enough of it and because I get sick of it pretty soon.
Or have the right chic not come to my life? Does that mean one day I would see one chic and say " hell man,I Have a crush on this chic..I want her!"
Since then it seems I would have to go on like this..without having any crushes!;)

fun-toon blog: Casino Royale!!...Royal...Is it?

fun-toon blog: Casino Royale!!...Royal...Is it?

Here is a Review written by Ankit Gupta for Casino Royale. It is written brilliantly. Exactly how I felt about the Movie!

Nice Work!

moonlight chronicle: I've learned that -

moonlight chronicle: I've learned that -

Trance is The Feel


Trance - One of the best genres of music ever. It feels like heaven when you are listening to trance.It is the the very music you should be into when you want to put every single thing in you on Standby. You feel like as everything around you has started to move on a pace the music defines. Everything goes slow,then it will start racing,and suddenly it will be all constant. Its one of those moments when there is not even a single thought in your memory. It is enchanting,it is divine!

It can even bring vivid emotions in you. Sometimes trance has some vocals too,which again simply awesome.Sometimes you will feel So high,and sometimes you will be full of energy and throttle. At times you may feel little emotional,sad,happy everything!
May be this is how you feel when you are high on dope. I don't know but from what I have heard and read,I think this is the closest you can get to it. The best part being you don't have to do dope..! I have experienced trance In discs and clubs though India doesn't seem to get really into trance ( trance is always on in my room on PC). But when I see DJ Tiesto and others Like of him performing in front of large crowds especially in Netherlands, all I feel like is to just get in and become a part of them. Somebody take me there man.
Tiesto is like God!
Its like my biggest wish to see him playing live
And yes for all those you have not experienced Trance...please do IT..!
Get the Feel....!

What kind of Friend You are.....?

Take the What Type of Friend Are You? quiz.

Well I am GOOD...;)


What type of Fae are you?

Well I recently saw this thing. I tell you these quizes are one real fun. And they are pretty impressive...!
Try them...Cheers!

The Comfortable Silence

We all talk about God knows how many things everday.We talk with so many people- friends,family,lovers,strangers. Talking occupies a very significant time in our daily life. Sometimes these conversations can be hour lasting and still we would go on. They are so interesting,so enjoyable,they make us laugh and happy. At times they irritate us,make us sad and even angry!

And in all these talks and conversations we tend to forget something equally important - The Silence!

It was something I experienced. Everytime I think of it ,it reminds me of Ronan Keatings Song:

" Its amazing how you can speak to my heart,
Without saying a word you can light up the dark......
You say it best, When You Say Nothing At All "

She was a close friend of mine. This was our last meeting as she had to leave next day. We meet at our favorite restaurent. She just comes and sits with me. I order our food. We talk a little. "So all packing done?","Whens the Train?"........ It was all so uncomfortable. I could feel this barrier,and I could feel her feeling it too. We eat in silence. After little while each of us would try to start up a conversation but it wouldn't come up. So we stop anymore attempts knowing that it wouldn't work.

We go to the lake then. I get our coffees and we sit down in an isolated place. The lake was so silent that day. It was almost like big barren land,no ripples nothing. The hills were clearly visible,with little beautiful clouds. We just sit there. At times I would feel sad and the suddenly I would be all fine. Sometime I will try to say something again but I wouldn't. For a while I couldn't understand it. And then it all starts to feel peaceful and it call becomes clear.

There was nothing between us except a bond that I had never experienced before - The Bond of Silence. We are not even looking at each other,just staring at the blank air.
And Yes...It was Comfortable!
Sometimes the words have no place between two persons. There is nothing to be said. Its just the Silence,the quiteness and the comfort. No one of us wanted to break this connection between us. I knew and She knew that may be we will never see each other again. We have had so much between us. I don't know what she was thinking at that time but it felt as though every thing I was thinking was understood by her.

I don't know how long we sat there but it had got dark. We could see tiny lights shinning on the mountains. For once,I look at her. There it was! The Little sparkling pearl on her cheek. It was just one single drop of tear. There was no expression on her face. No sobbing, nothing. It comes down on her cheek and drops on her lap. She stands up and starts walking back....!

I was feeling really grim and sad. I wanted to say so many things,but I couldn't break that Silence. I drop her in front of her place.

"I ......" I start to speak.
"Don't!" She said!

There was no Hug,no handshake,no smile.Nothing!

She walked back and I drove back!

Yes! Sometimes Silence says so much and its so comfortable!