The Comfortable Silence

We all talk about God knows how many things everday.We talk with so many people- friends,family,lovers,strangers. Talking occupies a very significant time in our daily life. Sometimes these conversations can be hour lasting and still we would go on. They are so interesting,so enjoyable,they make us laugh and happy. At times they irritate us,make us sad and even angry!

And in all these talks and conversations we tend to forget something equally important - The Silence!

It was something I experienced. Everytime I think of it ,it reminds me of Ronan Keatings Song:

" Its amazing how you can speak to my heart,
Without saying a word you can light up the dark......
You say it best, When You Say Nothing At All "

She was a close friend of mine. This was our last meeting as she had to leave next day. We meet at our favorite restaurent. She just comes and sits with me. I order our food. We talk a little. "So all packing done?","Whens the Train?"........ It was all so uncomfortable. I could feel this barrier,and I could feel her feeling it too. We eat in silence. After little while each of us would try to start up a conversation but it wouldn't come up. So we stop anymore attempts knowing that it wouldn't work.

We go to the lake then. I get our coffees and we sit down in an isolated place. The lake was so silent that day. It was almost like big barren land,no ripples nothing. The hills were clearly visible,with little beautiful clouds. We just sit there. At times I would feel sad and the suddenly I would be all fine. Sometime I will try to say something again but I wouldn't. For a while I couldn't understand it. And then it all starts to feel peaceful and it call becomes clear.

There was nothing between us except a bond that I had never experienced before - The Bond of Silence. We are not even looking at each other,just staring at the blank air.
And Yes...It was Comfortable!
Sometimes the words have no place between two persons. There is nothing to be said. Its just the Silence,the quiteness and the comfort. No one of us wanted to break this connection between us. I knew and She knew that may be we will never see each other again. We have had so much between us. I don't know what she was thinking at that time but it felt as though every thing I was thinking was understood by her.

I don't know how long we sat there but it had got dark. We could see tiny lights shinning on the mountains. For once,I look at her. There it was! The Little sparkling pearl on her cheek. It was just one single drop of tear. There was no expression on her face. No sobbing, nothing. It comes down on her cheek and drops on her lap. She stands up and starts walking back....!

I was feeling really grim and sad. I wanted to say so many things,but I couldn't break that Silence. I drop her in front of her place.

"I ......" I start to speak.
"Don't!" She said!

There was no Hug,no handshake,no smile.Nothing!

She walked back and I drove back!

Yes! Sometimes Silence says so much and its so comfortable!


ninkita said...

very true.. too many times we manage to ruin the perfect day/moment by saying things taht needn't be said, and by forgetting that silence can be so much more powerful
nice :)

Anonymous said...

Kuch kita nahi?
Jaa yaar

moonlight said...

well well well....without 'sounding' off , must say sm1 has finally(actually)broken the silence!
welcome back!

StandbyMind said...

Yes someone has:)

Anonymous said...

Very very true... sometimes in life, we want to say so much but we aren't able to but our silence says it all !!!

manisha said...

evn i was reminded of ronans song!!!

u cn do a lot of talkin in silence...

sumtyms its dificult to understand sum1s silence, but wen u understand it, it means a lot of words...

Anonymous said...

This answer, is matchless

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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