Man and Manali

A nice and small open air cafe. Some exotic music plays in the background. The lyrics are kind of hindi.A distinct sound of tabla along with guitar leads.One corner has an Israeli couple sitting. An oriental group and an english man sipping
his herbal tea.Sound of gushing water of the river. Adding to this mesmerising sound is a faint sound , the whisper of a mild blowing breeze.A bunch of tables under a little shelter , and few others in open.
A small lane passing by. Few shops. Colorful clothes displayed everywhere. Some local and ethnic handicraft shops.Cafes with Goa trance theme,German and Israeli food. A wonderful sight to look at.

The most amazing thing about this place is indeed the drastic change in culture and atmosphere. It is almost that the flowing water of the river Beas signifies a borderline. You cross a small bridge to enter a new place - Old Manali!
There is no rush of maddening crowds. There are no loud and flashy sights and sounds. Just an up going curvy lane. Aft re every few minutes an enfield
would pass you by with its shuddering uproar sound,ridden by a tourist.

There are wooden houses and cottages where natives live. Many of them offer their homes as paying guests to foreign tourists,as many of them choose to stay here for months altogether.There are so many things that attract them here. Beautiful mountains,enigmatic views. Its just like a special gift of mother nature
to humans. A place away from busy crowds and routines. Simple people and simple Living!

Coming back to the difference between places. The local tourist - the Manali , The mall road. The scene is no different from a typical Indian town.
Same food to eat ,stalls to shops - families with kids. The kids - crying ,running and creating chaos. Newly wed couples with arms in deadlocks.
Frustrated men waiting for the sun to set , so that they can booze again. Women shopping,bargaining and talking!

The road to old manali - the road has protected area with tall pine trees to its one side. The road represents gradual change - the fading of cultures or a mix up on both. Slowly, A walk of few minutes and here comes the might Beas - the river. And the bridge.
The dividing waters, and its sound!
A kind of quietness starts to settle in. As if someone had tuned the sound level on the jog dial. You can feel the change.

I sit in another cafe now. It gives a nice view of the river. There is a light music playing. But the sound of the watery is louder- more prominent.
My one ear faces in direction of the river,other to the speaker. A sound of nature , and a sound of music created by man.
I close my eyes, and let the both sounds fill my ears.
Yes, the sounds match! There is a resonance. Chords striking together!

For I have read and been told that nature is inspiration for every creative work. I had never realized or experienced it for music,for one.
But I do now. And it feels like - almost unexplainable!
Its like moments when brain has no role to play for you. Its your heart, the senses. There is no decision or judgement to be made -All is to be felt!
It is a satisfaction, a joy bubbling inside you - for you realize the venture of Nature and Man!
For You wonder how large, how amazing and how beautiful the nature is. It gives us everything, and yet there remains so many tings unexplored.

No words can explain or praise the nature; it is beyond our limits - Way Beyond...!

( This pic in display shows the Beas River and the Bridge in backdrop if you see..Mor pics from manali on Flickr)

I am almost there.......

9:00 AM
He: Hello.....
She: Hey its me..wanna catch movie at 1?
He: Sure,that is a great idea.
She: Cool. Meet me at barista at 11:30 then,we can hang around n go for movie.
He: Thats a plan..see u then!

11:30 AM
She: Where r u man?
He: (Still in bed) Just left ..will be there in 10.

12:00 PM
She: this is really...
He: (getting dressed)Hey I gat stuck..will be there in 5...just 5 mins...

12:30 PM
She: You bett....
He: See I am here ..right in front in parking ( He hasn't left yet from home)

12:50 PM
He:(Makes it finally) Lets s gonna start....

--6 Months Later---
1 PM
She: Hey I was wondering if we could go out for lunch today.
He: That would be lovely girl..Lemme pick you up at 2 then!

2 PM
He is in a Friends Party
She: Listen I dont think you are going to come..
He: What? Why wouldn't I? I am on my way....hold on ..see u in 10...

He makes it finally!
He: I am damn hungry ...Lets go to your favorite place to eat today
She: Whatever...

--1 Year Later--
11:00 AM
She: hey what up...Movie at 3?
He: Yeah baby.. I was gonna call you and ask you the same thing.
She: Great I will get the tickets then. See you at 2:30!

She checks her purse and pulls out two tickets which reads..

Screen 1
6:00 PM

She puts them back....smiles and goes off too sleep.