The Middle Finger!

Middle Finger !

What a beautiful and simple sign made by human kind. Just one finger can so much. All your anger,all your frustration, all your hatred, all your loathing - so much!

"All your anger, All your hate,
How to say it,got no clue?
Just raise that finger,
and say - FUCK YOU!"

Your Dark Resolutions 2010

Dear Blogger Pals

A very Happy New year to all of you...

New year time is resolution time. Aren't you all bored of the sweet sounding resolutions you make every new year.

Lose weight?
Better Job?
Study More?
Take a Vacation?

Bla Bla Bla!

Time for a change.

List down atleast 5 new year resolution of your dark side.

Drugs... Trip?
Sexual Fantasy?
Wanna kill someone?
Wanna make a voodo of someone and hurt him?


So I tag you all...!

( I know you all wouldn't do it - Lemme put few names - But all of you are tagged...If I miss names - forgive me..)

Indrajit,Jaky astik,Swatimala,Aky B Phoenix,Jeya Anand, Raghav,Prixie,Canary,Vagabond,Juggernaut,NiKKi,Third Eye,Princess,Keshi,humbl devil,greengoddess,Ghost particle,Mansi,Akanksha.:flyingstars:,Prasad,Wildflower,Pulkit,Shruti,the Lover,seeker,doomed doctor,Impressionist,dreamcatcher..
(Woooh...Sorry I guess I have missed many...Come on..Take this one!)

And ya - do pass it on! Use the picture on your post. (I aint giving saving and uploading picture in a blog tutorial here)