The Experience!

A man is closest to the God when he is creating something. When a painter is painting something close to his heart , a sculptors craving something out of his mind, a musician who has just found the right stroke of the tune, a poet who has found the right word. The moment when a new creation is taking birth. The bond is the strongest.As if the almighty as himself stepped in him. Yeah that close. Closer than close.

One starts moving his feet on a music. The move becomes a movement , the movement shapes into dance, the dance into state of trance, and the state into enlightenment.

One starts reading, reading becomes resonance, resonance becomes visual, the visual becomes a feel, the feel becomes reality, the reality becomes the truth.

There are experiences in life which may become eternal. They might not be as strong as enlightenment. But they are certainly a feel of the force. The power around the universe. The great feeling which cannot be described in words. You may try but it would be like doing injustice to that feeling, to that experience.

Hence, you feel it, you keep it in, you experience it!

You might be lying down under the open sky on a rock. The breeze makes the buzz. It touches our body. The smell fills you pores. You look at the stars. You look and look. The mind starts to ponder. What are these. Yes they are stars, that is moon. But what are they. They are beautiful. They lite up the sky...!
And slowly they drift away....
The mind goes nil, void. You just feel. Everything is just one. The air, the sky, the
soil, the fire. All senses are one.
This is an experience!

You put on your favorite song on loop. You feel good. The music is so soothing. You start humming the words along with it. You sing along. May be you move to it too.
It goes on and on....
You calm down. The sit or lie down at one place. The eyes shut down automatically. The scenes start flowing. The memory goes back. Something, Someone related to that song. You start thinking of that. Start remembering things. You smile. Or a tear falls down from you eye...
And after a while..all is gone. You are still. Mind is empty. All is void. All is nothing. Song plays and you in a different state.

The feeling.
The memory.
The emotions.
The smoothness.
The emptiness.
Void space...

The Experience!




Creature of the Night

He hides his face with the piece on cloth. His eyes hurt from the piercing ray of sun falling on his eyes.He closes them with force. His skin aches from the feel of light. He takes another cloth and tries to block his whole face from light. When he is unable to take it anymore he stands up and closes that window from where that one ray of sun was entering the room and falling on his face. He draws the curtains.He watches with great intent at all possible holes from where light can peek into his room.
Convinced, he sets the cooling with his remote and goes to hibernation.

He moves in his bed, clock says - 3 PM! He needs to feed himself. He switches on loud music. Drums, screams,groans, guitar sounds fill the entire space. He finds a bottle and
a pizza. He grabs bite and gulps the drink.He logs in to the virtual world and stays in for hours.
Its been long. His senses say it is safe now. The time has come. His body feels excited, ready for action. He moves towards the window. Slowly, he moves the curtain an inch and peeps in outside.What a relief, the sun is all set to set!!!

Time for shower! Crisp shirt, a tee over it. Torn jeans, and loads of
Gucci is sprayed. He smells good. He looks good and he feels good.

He steps outside....Darkness. The cool breeze hits his face.
The city twinkles with infinite lights. Stars in the sky!
No sun!

It his time of the day - The night!

He goes to his favorite cafe. A nice meal with brewed coffee to clear his mind. He goes for a long drive in his car. He halts near the sea. He walks to the cliff. Stands there....Feels the air...Hears the
sea waves... Feels the impact...Closes his eyes....!

It is late night. He enters his fort - his workplace. His cabin, his table, his stuff. He looks at it and smiles. Every time he sees it , he feels so excited, so happy and adrenaline rushes in his blood...!

He moves his hands....Scratches on the vinyl and the whole
place is on with loud music and lights!

" Ladies and Gentlemen....Your in House DJ welcomes you....
The Night is progressive....The Life is Progressive.."

He enjoys his work. Rather loves it. He goes on for hours together!

He is drained and tired. He sun may be out soon now. He takes his
car and rushes back home. Safe in his hibernating place, he lies down
and sleeps!

For his time of day has ended!