Sex Smoke Satisfaction -II

Sex        Smoke       Satisfaction

Isn't this all what is required?


So once again the stage has come. The writing frequency and the blog updating has come down drastically every year.

No Inpiration?
Sounds too lame and too much over used term isn't it?

No Time?
I should be laughing my arse off on this one....

Writers Block ?
Now this isn't over used, but a raped word..;)

So what is it - Why can't I write the way I used to before?

Here I am with SOS Signal to all the blogger pals...!

PS - The post will never look good without a picture. So here is one, since I have been clicking lately with my love for Film and Analog cameras!

Bitch on Trip...

The Bitch was High...
With smoke on her Lip......

She flew in the heavens...
On the best ever Trip...!!!!!

Gaanja Baby

The Beginning:
"Dude - you need to try this shit I tell you....Best thing in the whole world!"
"No Man. I do not do all these things. Please!"
" Oh C'mon just once, for the sake of trying..."
"Please man I told you once..."

Thirty Minutes Later
"Dude - Thank you for showing me the path. This is indeed the best thing in whole world!"

The Story:
The College
-->"How in the world are we going to pass the examination tomorrow?"
" Dude you need to take the chill pill and take this stuff and all the problems shall get resolved"

The Party
--> "Man this party is so awesome...What a music...What crowd...I love this place.."
"Dude - this is nothing..incomplete need to float , you need to rise above all this - you need to take this stuff...."

The Heart Break
--> " She Left me man..for that loser..Can you believe that..I feel like ending my life man..."
"Dude - these chics come and go..but the stuff is here ti take it and forget about the bitch.."

The Nothing
--> " Man I am bored...What the fuck should we do...?"
"Dude... we should...
" I know you are right..give me the stuff...!"

"Dude - you need to try this shit I tell you....Best thing in the whole world!"

The never ending Story!

This is GAANJA BABY....!

Running Away

So how many times have you heard people with experience telling so many things and philosophies of life..?

I bet it must have happened to you innumerable times. They tell you all with such an awesome convincing power that listening to it over and over again - you start believing it!

  • Don't keep running from your problems. You will have to face them one day.
  • How long would you run from you life? It will catch up with you sooner or later.
  • Don't Run.. Its futile.
Yeah Yeah..All of you would have heard this. And so many of you would be seriously reading this and nodding your head like all those people you actually tell all this. (Experiences of life....Yeah!)

Well all I gotta say is -  "RUN  FASTER Dude..!"

Be better..Be faster than the problem - and you shall always stay ahead....!

Hell YEAH!