Gaanja Baby

The Beginning:
"Dude - you need to try this shit I tell you....Best thing in the whole world!"
"No Man. I do not do all these things. Please!"
" Oh C'mon just once, for the sake of trying..."
"Please man I told you once..."

Thirty Minutes Later
"Dude - Thank you for showing me the path. This is indeed the best thing in whole world!"

The Story:
The College
-->"How in the world are we going to pass the examination tomorrow?"
" Dude you need to take the chill pill and take this stuff and all the problems shall get resolved"

The Party
--> "Man this party is so awesome...What a music...What crowd...I love this place.."
"Dude - this is nothing..incomplete need to float , you need to rise above all this - you need to take this stuff...."

The Heart Break
--> " She Left me man..for that loser..Can you believe that..I feel like ending my life man..."
"Dude - these chics come and go..but the stuff is here ti take it and forget about the bitch.."

The Nothing
--> " Man I am bored...What the fuck should we do...?"
"Dude... we should...
" I know you are right..give me the stuff...!"

"Dude - you need to try this shit I tell you....Best thing in the whole world!"

The never ending Story!

This is GAANJA BABY....!


HaS the Turtle said...

I agree!!

Standbymind said...

You have to mate..:)

Shruti said...


Good shit, I agree (:

Dandelion said...

dats wat ppl do..jump the bandwagon!
nicely potrayed!

Rashi said...

The best way you can put something so true...the world and its being !

Keep rockin'

Adi Crazy said...

OMG! I totally relate to this one. Can't stop laughing also :)

Standbymind said...

Thanks All!

Glad you like it and also relate to it ;)


Arjit Srivastava said...

True shit, that is.

Phoenix said...



back after ages... and what a treat!

Peachyyy said...


"You've got to have this! Go ahead and try!" - they told me this!

Wow. I haven't laughed so much in such a long timeee :)

Standbymind said...


I can make ppl laugh ...

Jeya Anand said...

hahaha :) feels so good man :)