Pen, Mind and You!

The Blogosphere is a beautiful place. Many of us spend a very considerable part of our lives in here. We express, We speak, We talk, We draw,We capture, We show, We seek, We help, We get helped and sometimes just stay silent.We like people and they like us. We get connected with others and make friends in a special way.
Here many of us feel understood, when you never thought you could be.

"The pen is the tongue of the mind."
-Miguel de Cervantes

Writing is an invaluable gift God has given to the humankind. And Blogging is like a big add on. I have been here for a while now. I have read you and you have read my pages. Some from a longer tome, some for short. But all of you feel and think something after reading a post. We all do!

The writing tends to say certain things about the writer. Some sound oblivious ,some are seen at times, some are felt..........! The penned pieces of an individual can tell such things.
There goes my question to You all :

What does my writings say about me?

PS : -
("It is not a bad idea to get in the habit of writing down one's thoughts. It saves one having to bother anyone else with them."
-Isabel Colegate
Well I am right now:)...)

The Kool Cafe....

Location : A very famous dhaba on Delhi Highway where My bus halts.
Time: 2:43 Am
Situation: Conductor says bus shall move in 10 minutes.Hurry on!

We skip the idea of food, and rather grab some snacks......

My body reckons my mind - 'You haven't had it in last 24 hours. You need your dose. Its important.Do something.'
My eyes gaze all around, searching the counters, Shelves and refrigerators. This place always had those Nescafe cans. They will calm you down.
'No..No! I can't see them anywhere.'
Helplessly, I ask the Uncleji at the counter for the Coffee can.
He puts down a can in front of me.
What the hell is this? I ask myself.
'Shut up' it says. Something is better than nothing. Take it or you will have them again- the headaches.'

Can reads 'AMUL KOOL CAFE' ( What in the holy hell is this?)
Anyways, back in the bus. Can opened. A weird smell enters my nostrils. It is a shit smell.
'Drink it..Just sip on'.

- I bring the can to my lips and take a sip with my eyes closed.
'Aahhhhhhhhhhh..." I scream.
What the fuck is this thing? It tastes like.....
It tastes like Tonnes of amul butter thrown in Creamy milk with some coffee essence..!

In my whole life I have never tasted anything horrible than this,let alone a coffee.
They so cold " Cold Coffees" made by aunties at home with heaps of sugar and little coffee powder are way better than this.

- My hand wobbles and coffee( or whatever it was) spilled on my cousins handkerchief.

Can thrown out.
A can of chilled coke sipped in to get off the dreadful taste of kool Cafe.
Hanky washed and put in bag.......

Time:10:43 Am
Place: Hotel Room , Delhi.

We both wake up as if seen a nightmare in sleep.
" Whats that smell dude?"
" Yeah ! Holy shit..It woke me up from sleep.It is horrible."
" I know..lets find out wheres it coming from or we will die off this."

Search is On. Found the Hanky.
It brings back the haunting memories of " Kool Cafe."
Lighter taken - Handkerchief burnt to ashes...
Prayers Said.
May God forbid Mankind from the Kool Cafe.....


PS: All you Ccd,barista, Mocha, Costa fans who swear on Frappes,Iced cappucinnos etc.. I challenge you to drink this. Yes Challenge!

Run Run Run

He wanted to Grow up - He started Running!
He was followed...
He wanted to chase dreams - He started Running!
He was followed....
He Screwed up - He started Running!
He was Followed...
He got Sad - He started Running!
He was followed...
He was Running...Running and Running!
He wasn't Followed.....

He walked the street...
He was followed - The Shadow
He started Running!
He was followed....
He stopped and broke the street Lamp...
He was Alone!
Welcome - called out darkness...
Now its just You....
He started Running.......