You Know...

Right Now:

He is half lying in his couch with a glass of coke in his hand, munching chips and with the cell phone against his ear.

“You know I met this old friend of mine today. He was with me in high school. I was so surprised.”
“Oh cool”
“And then we had coffee and talked about the good old times. You know he is in merchant navy now”
“That’s awesome Hun…!!

He sleeps off on the couch itself.

“And then I came back home…..You there? Baby …?”

A year later:

In the train

“You know what? I have always dreamed of having a home by the beach.”
“That will be so good.”
“Ya! Big home, nice d├ęcor…!! When we wake up, we hear the waves. When we walk to the window, we feel the breeze...”
(He keeps his head in her lap)
“And we will go for walks together…”
“You know I can almost see all this…”
“And we will have a dog. I love them so much…! But I know …you don’t like them. I know that…. But we can always …...huney…you slept…?”

(Strokes his hair, gazes at him and smiles…)

A couple of years later:


She lays her head on his chest, feeling his chest with her hand.

“You know what; I need a change of job.”
“Why …what happened sweetie?”
“Too much of travelling. I don’t like it when I am away from you for too long”
“Nor do me darling.”
“But rest all is really nice. I mean I like my friends here. My boss is such a nice man. Remember that day we met him at that party?”
“You know I love driving this new car. What a smooth drive. It’s like I wish my office was a little far...”
“This weekend we will go for a long drive. How about going to some hill station. We need a break. Don’t you think so?…hello…slept again? You always have to do this!”


Kisses his forehead…
Cuddles against his chest and closes her eyes!