A very interesting observation has been made lately. It comes with being "Free".Now all of you who are excited - "Oh..being free! How badly I want to be free!"
And all of you philosophers - " Yeah,Being Free is what life is all about"
And the dopers - " Ahan! Now this guy seems to be from our brothahood,he is talking sense like us."
And the pessimists (Realists if thats what they can be called) - " Free? One can never be free, he always has something holding him."

For all of you if you belong to any of the above groups of mankind, I am sorry to say - You will be Disappointed!
By free we mean Free, Doesnt free also mean - "One who has nothing to do" ?

X: So dude, what ya doing these days?
Me: Oh I am free man!
X: Free?
Me: Ya I am doing Nothing these days.
X: Oh Lucky you!

Few weeks later.
X: Whats up man.What u upto these days?
Me: Nothin man. I am free!
X: Thats great. I envy you!

Next day.
X: So what do you do whole day?
Me: I told you I do nothing.
X: Oh! I mean still, what you do besides usual sleeping and eating.
Me: Nothing!

Yeah guys! We are talking about being this " Free"!
Now do you ask a CEO of some company what you do whole day.
Do you ask a manager what do you do whole day. Do you ask a writer? A Doctor? A student?
Or for that matter anyone who says I do something?
Well, not usually,you don't ask.
If he is a doctor you know what he is suppose to do whole day.
If he is a student he is suppose to attend lectures,give exams.

But each and everyone of you would certainly ask someone who says I am FREE , I do nothing.
When in just one word he is making it crystal clear that he is FREE, why would you still ask him.It is just plain stupid!

A typical answer would be that this makes everyone curious that if he is free, then what does he exactly do the whole day?
What his routine is like?
He must be doing something? ( You know the tone aint it ;)...See everyone of you knows)
How does he pass his time?
This isnt right.
Everyone has to do something.

All of you with these questions in mind. Nothing can also mean Nothing!
So don't go on like a little child asking and don't bother such people.
For by asking him such questions you are distracting him from being FREE!


The Smile

Smooth wide road has beautiful trees along it. Trees with yellow leaves.
Trees planted at equal distances, and it seemed they have grown
all in a symmetry. When you see the road ahead, through the yellow leaves
you see the light blue sky.It has paths built along the road, for
people to walk.The university is all full of colours. Somewhere with flowers and leaves,and at places wit vibrant students.

She walks on the path along the road. She walks with firm steps.
A face as charming and fresh as dew drops on petals. But the face
carries an air on it too. Air that is different from the air outside it.
Air which defines a new ,her own world inside it.

She carries a backpack and her hair are tied firmly. Right behind her
is a guy walking. He is trying to catch up with her.
Finally he reaches,and walks right along her.

He: "So which department teaches you to carry attitude like this?"

She:" Which department teaches you to poke your nose in other's business?"

He: " Engineering, Computer engineering. They have nothing to teach us,
so I poke my nose like this."

She: " But they certainly teach us how to poke clip noses which poke in to much."

He: "What a pleasure it would be for my nose, if you do it with your hands."

She: "I am not impressed with you shooters, if that is what you are trying to do."

He: " I know that well, So I am not trying."

(with a straight face) " Coffee?"

She: " Thank you! But I can have it on my own."

He: " too! I would just sit along you."
" And did I tell you are really more beautiful than you actually think you are.."

She: " And did I tell you are not as smart as you think you are."

He: "Am I much more than that too.."

She: ( Looks...)
(Raises her eyebrow)
(And suddenly, out of nowhere, SMILES! A wide smile)