A very interesting observation has been made lately. It comes with being "Free".Now all of you who are excited - "Oh..being free! How badly I want to be free!"
And all of you philosophers - " Yeah,Being Free is what life is all about"
And the dopers - " Ahan! Now this guy seems to be from our brothahood,he is talking sense like us."
And the pessimists (Realists if thats what they can be called) - " Free? One can never be free, he always has something holding him."

For all of you if you belong to any of the above groups of mankind, I am sorry to say - You will be Disappointed!
By free we mean Free, Doesnt free also mean - "One who has nothing to do" ?

X: So dude, what ya doing these days?
Me: Oh I am free man!
X: Free?
Me: Ya I am doing Nothing these days.
X: Oh Lucky you!

Few weeks later.
X: Whats up man.What u upto these days?
Me: Nothin man. I am free!
X: Thats great. I envy you!

Next day.
X: So what do you do whole day?
Me: I told you I do nothing.
X: Oh! I mean still, what you do besides usual sleeping and eating.
Me: Nothing!

Yeah guys! We are talking about being this " Free"!
Now do you ask a CEO of some company what you do whole day.
Do you ask a manager what do you do whole day. Do you ask a writer? A Doctor? A student?
Or for that matter anyone who says I do something?
Well, not usually,you don't ask.
If he is a doctor you know what he is suppose to do whole day.
If he is a student he is suppose to attend lectures,give exams.

But each and everyone of you would certainly ask someone who says I am FREE , I do nothing.
When in just one word he is making it crystal clear that he is FREE, why would you still ask him.It is just plain stupid!

A typical answer would be that this makes everyone curious that if he is free, then what does he exactly do the whole day?
What his routine is like?
He must be doing something? ( You know the tone aint it ;)...See everyone of you knows)
How does he pass his time?
This isnt right.
Everyone has to do something.

All of you with these questions in mind. Nothing can also mean Nothing!
So don't go on like a little child asking and don't bother such people.
For by asking him such questions you are distracting him from being FREE!



shikha said...

ye ye yeye!!.. I am teh first one to post a comment here!!!:-)

and heyy so wat u doing dese dayS???
Free???btw never thought dat deeply abt being free...i spent 2 months sittin at home n doing "nuthing" and now m again back at home...its super boring!but its fun being free !!u hav a lot of time to do nuthing!!

i know m not making sense...but dats wat "free" ppl do...!!:-)

diyadear said...

hi aman. how are u???
interesting perspective of being free here..

d SINNER!!! said...

Is more about 'the state of mind'...

ANd yep, when we say we are doing nothing, people hardly believe us...this word has lost its meaning somehow...

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

I'm free to walk away and get on with my writing.

Thank you for sharing that with us.. Standby :-)

best wishes

Impressionist said...

lol! different people different perspectives :D
Nice post bro


Candid Confessions said...

Funny and original.. I like this perspective of "free".. Really do! Of mindless, thought free, got no care days!

disillussioned_me said... i wish had time to be not boasting here! i really can switch places to do nothing actually! lolz. nice post

The Hermit of Wandering Thoughts said...

I love the last line.. such people (I count myself as one of them, should never be disturbed.. leave them to their own solitude they are happiest then...)

vitruvian said...

free....well it depends on how u look at it...
but to do absolutely nothing(which of course is as much as doing something ;) ) wouldn't that get boring after a bit?


Ab said...

i guess its more of curiosity.... like 'hey, doing something all day and still life's tough... so, how can you even think of doing nothing all day?' or even 'but how can you do 'nothing' all day?.. aint it boring...? u surely must be doing something for yourself'.....

R3d3MpTioN said...

free..???? I don't think that word exists in the dictionary anymore. Even if it does its more to do with our choice of how to live our life. If we WISH to be free or not..!! Theres always work to do.. the word you are looking for is boredom .. (I am bored) which has perhaps replaced free as the word to look out for.

Anonymous said...

Well, according my perception, being 'free' is just all about being happy with the present state of affairs though may be hooked onto some sorta job day and night !! Its simply about patience, peace, calm and joy. Nice write-up :)

Niva said...

:P thanks for the timely reminder bud.. i keep asking my "FREE"-friend constantly abt what hez doing all day.. now i will shutup!! lol...
that's an interesting observation hehe

ad libber said...

Yeah, I am free all right, if free means staring hopefully at your blog for a comment to appear.
And then when I do have something to do, I wish I was free to stare at my blog again.

Standbymind said...

hehe yiu are right..
thats what free ppl do..
yeah me FREE!!

Hi Diya! I am u doing?

It has,,seriously!

yes you are Annie!!

ty man!

great that u like it

that sounds like supa cool!
may be u should also write on this!

hey glad to find one of those SUCH

Well depends..ya!

Ya it is...with all those
and many mo questions in mind;)

@ R3d3MpTioN
I am sorry to hear that u think it is the wrong word and it should be Boredome :O
Different views..diff ways!

yeah but that as i said is different free ;)

Oh man..I feel so damn good..
I ve actually helped a FREE!

@ad libber
haha...thats something

bendtherulz said...

Nothing.... :~)

ps - that was my comment.... :)

Solitaire said...

hahahaha!! Are you free these days?

I usually get asked that question about what I do at home after work.

I say I am free and I get pathetic looks full of pity..

"ohh that must be so boring".

To be honest, it is not!

backpakker said...

lol..Ive been doing nothing too ..

shooting star said...

good one!! is as free does!!..
actually people get jealous of the fact that how can he/she be so content doing nothing!! come he/she is not totally frustrated by the fact that there's nothing!!!

rOhit said...

Thats a very interesting post. I liked it more coz trust me the "free" you mentioned here is JUST EXACTLY ME. :)

gunj said...

lol...dat was funny!

Still Searching said...

Haha! I really wait for those days sometimes when I have nothing in my to-do list and am free... to do nothing!! Ofcourse then I just watch TV all day - and think of it as doing nothing...

Mez said...


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Jyoti said...

well, being free is not always that as lucerative as it sounds here on your blog

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

it is a very interesting way to look at things... I never really thought about being FREE in that connotation... may be my life seldom provides me the opportunity to be FREE (the 'free' you are talking about in the post) however, i do enjoy my freedom and cherish it too--freedom to make my own decisions and to live the life i want to live. :-)
Cool post!

Devil Mood said...

I am a free woman! And yet I never felt so stranded...

Smita said...

Free - doing what you love? Not doing what you hate? Or just being?

Good post!

How do we know said...

hee heee.. stay free!

Nithya N said...

i can totally relate. This is exactly what i went through when i was doing my so called internship.

nikhil said...

see doing abs nothing is seriously hard work!! u have to be careful..the idea of doing anything which could lead u to something and that would cut into ur nothing. go figure :D...see commenting on ur blog forced me to do something :P

tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

update! update! update!

InWantOfBeingMe said...

Liked this post bro ! Sometimes, if I say, I did nothing. then, it's nothing !

I know that feeling, when people keep asking you, how could you be doing nothing.

Lovely writing.

sharyu said...

hi aman,

what a great question you raised -

how the hell does one do nothing?
only free people know the answer to that. people who follow a rhythm beyond the routine and norms of society.