The Smile

Smooth wide road has beautiful trees along it. Trees with yellow leaves.
Trees planted at equal distances, and it seemed they have grown
all in a symmetry. When you see the road ahead, through the yellow leaves
you see the light blue sky.It has paths built along the road, for
people to walk.The university is all full of colours. Somewhere with flowers and leaves,and at places wit vibrant students.

She walks on the path along the road. She walks with firm steps.
A face as charming and fresh as dew drops on petals. But the face
carries an air on it too. Air that is different from the air outside it.
Air which defines a new ,her own world inside it.

She carries a backpack and her hair are tied firmly. Right behind her
is a guy walking. He is trying to catch up with her.
Finally he reaches,and walks right along her.

He: "So which department teaches you to carry attitude like this?"

She:" Which department teaches you to poke your nose in other's business?"

He: " Engineering, Computer engineering. They have nothing to teach us,
so I poke my nose like this."

She: " But they certainly teach us how to poke clip noses which poke in to much."

He: "What a pleasure it would be for my nose, if you do it with your hands."

She: "I am not impressed with you shooters, if that is what you are trying to do."

He: " I know that well, So I am not trying."

(with a straight face) " Coffee?"

She: " Thank you! But I can have it on my own."

He: " too! I would just sit along you."
" And did I tell you are really more beautiful than you actually think you are.."

She: " And did I tell you are not as smart as you think you are."

He: "Am I much more than that too.."

She: ( Looks...)
(Raises her eyebrow)
(And suddenly, out of nowhere, SMILES! A wide smile)


bendtherulz said...

ok -i get brownie for getting here first -right buddy !!

very cute story...and with that a scenary shot - good, could be more clipped.....!
keep writing

tk care ~

humbl devil said...

nys one bro...


those trees look like something called 'konna' in mallu...
and those yeloow things are flowers which totally outbloom and camouflage the leaves...
they rersemble a bunch of grapes, only replace the grapes with petals...
if you know what i mean..

humbl devil said...

Standbymind said...


Brownie with Choclate Sauce

:) all urs

@humble devil
Yeah..Dood..I have taken this pic..Thats my uinversity..seeing them every season from last 4 years!


Still Searching said...

lol! nice one!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

that was an interesting post. you guys have your ways, dont you?

Cuckoo said...

Lollll.. Very cute post. :-)

Made me smile. :-)

Keep writing.

Zee said...

thhappad nahin maara?

Standbymind said...

@still searching
Hey..thanx :)

Not times..yea we do!!

@Cuckoo made a smile!!

Our Guy was prepared for the never came!

ad libber said...

Which University is this? Its beautiful..People study here? I would have said they are too busy cleaning the place there.

d SINNER!!! said...


which univ?looks cool n clean...

Devil Mood said...

Smiling over here too!

Standbymind said...

@ad libber
Punjabi university...yeah they do!
:) he he

Looks can be deceptive...
cool? Hell NO!

@Devil mood
:) Nice to know that,someone else is smiling too!

Anonymous said...

hey that sounded like the beginning of 'love story'.. you know the eric segal novel....


shikha said...

I had a pathetic day today and am in one of my worst mood...was jus surfing net aimlessly when saw this post...

I had tears in my eyes before i started reading this one...

By the end of this post , I had a smile on my face...
thanks yaar for making me smile when I really needed one..!

*big hug*

(btw nice replies yaar...ek dum bollywood movie ishtyle..i dint knw guys can be that smart :p
and iske baad kya hua???u seem to be in love dese days...not good for health dude!!)

Standbymind said...

hey Ab wats up..have heard about the novel a lot..havent read :(

:) Keep Smiling gal!!

and yeah we can be smart..after that?
What ya think...?

Anonymous said...

gosh, that was so cute !! i feel like turning back in time to experience the uni dayz- all over again !

swatimala said...

wow...tht was sweet...getting into the valentine day mood, r u???

backpakker said...

thats a very cute vignette..and the whole scene comes alive

shikha said...

umm...lemme guess...after that her bf came and then all smiles were gone...????or may be she showed u a big rock on her left hand and said "i m married...idiot!!"

he he!!

smthin super sad happnd today...wanan blog about it but no time :( cried soo much after a long time!!

and i dint get calls from all IIMs...i got from A C I K

and u hav been to delhi before???and first lesson for any future delhi visit..never trust an auto walah!!next time mujhse advice le kar jana!!!:)

Standbymind said...

he he:)
werent they fun!

Oh I dnt even realize that..he he

:) ty

waiting for the post!

Welll u r very see
this time things went wek with the guy...

Now guess :

I l be waiting!!!

Mez said...

Thanks for droppin by my blog!

Sandhya said...

vry smart..

a short story wid a nice starting.......

Anonymous said...

lovely reading this beautiful pic too along with the lovely words & the ending...have a nice weekend!

Oracle said...

the road is definitely worth halting !
so howz she ;)

divya said...

lol :P thats the right kind of attitude :)

Lucid Darkness said...

I like the way the girl turns the guy down. Amusing, yes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Ghost Particle said...

excellent write. the flow is nice, the feelings explored with ease.

Thanx for dropping by and the kind words bhaya.

Standbymind said...


and a bad end?

u too man!!

She is all cool man!

U bet it is!

and the guy?
hell man...u dissapoint the guy!

nytime bhaya!

kaylee said...

beatiful :P

zahid said...

Ah...There and i only wish they lived happily ever after !!! just hope she doesnt declare suddenly that sheis married or committed !!!

Hey...i think i will try this some day

wildflower said...

a girl does dat...she is like all serious n then a smile like a bolt from the blue..
da way u have written this encounter down..i cudnt ask 4 more//

2 gud..


Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

A man of many words...Who wins many smiles ;-)

Best wishes

Keshi said...

LOL sweeet!


vitruvian said...

hmmm....cute story!!
but does she really smile???
ever really tried this on a girl!??!!

thought u ARE right..they have nothing to teach us in engineering..

shikha said...

ahan!!!!interesting!!!good for u!;)

u know what...smthing similar happened with me jus few days back..!and even i did smile at the end...!:-) oh but in my case he called me up and i kinda know him!:-)

Solitaire said...

Your story?

Ab said...

well buddy, lemme tell you that.. its jus a novel, and more bollywoodish than realist... but its beautiful.. the most beautiful small book youll get to read....

i like the way they keep addressing each other as 'bitch' and 'bastard'..... :)

charu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mansi Trivedi said...

Beautifully written. Wonderfully entertaining.
I am your fan.

gunj said...

nice post :)
keep coming up with more such posts :)

Adi Crazy said... cute! And Valentines is approaching too!
And why are none of such things happening to me?

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

Mushy.I can see the effect of the season....
Hope the cutie didn't have teeth like I have.

MeMyself_n_I said...

isn't that nice? :-D

lucky fella

utopia said...

charming :-). i would have liked a longer story though.

Impressionist said...

me likes! :D
is that ur story?


Vinesh said...

he worked his charm! :-)

Standbymind said...

hey how r ya gal?

no no she dint :)
Ya do that!

Hey..thanks Eva :)

he he :)
ty Annie!


She does She does
he he

See it can happen!

hey ty

Sounds good to me..will certainly get it!

ty Mansi...honour!!:)


They will they will for sure!!

yeah the effect :)

Lucky gal actually ;)
he he

So would have I..kya karen khatam ho gaya jaldi! :)

@ Impressionist
Does it sound like?

he did!!

Anonymous said...

hey aman...long time,no see...anyway,you are tagged !!

disillussioned_me said...

nice! how have u been?

Ab said...

dude, iv read this quite a few times now... and i still didn get wat you really meant by 'Am I much more than that too'... so i thought why not ask you.....

Standbymind said...

hey how r ya..:)
Honour being tagged by ya!!

all good...
how r yaaa?

" If I am not as smart as i think I am,then Am i Much more smarter than that..."?
My every post has something with clarity..
I suck

Ab said...

oh ok... that much i got... no, dont worry, if u say you asrent clear, you dont know what rama says about me...

its okay dude, we are all experimenting.. and anyway it was just me who didnt understand..

R3d3MpTioN said...

Interesting read..

If only life were that simple. If only the girl with the attitude was so easily won over...If only all Univ could be "clean" and "cool".. If only.. If only ..

Divya said...

Hehehe so cute... U writing a pick up line guidebook? :P
Nice descriptions :)