What I gonna do?

I have been pondering upon it quite a bit lately. There have been some really thought provoking comments on the post ( What you gonna do).So I start thinking about all the three things mentioned in there. They seem so damn true. When A man is lost, defeated by life , by someone or Himself. There can be plenty of reasons, causes and effects. But the fact is he feels as if he is done with everything. I guess this stage comes after one has been frustrated,Sick and depressed. When he has had enough. The next stage after all this.

I thought about it all on my life. I am in a way living the second choice. Though I don't dope and booze, but I have my addictions and ways of forgetting and running away from the reality. I am totally into hanging out in CCD every single day, and there is tonnes of Caffeine running in my veins.( into red bull tooo but see caffeine it is agian). (Though it has kinda stopped working now).In one way or other I have always found a way so far...!

The first choice- Changing oneself . Well I have done it theoretically many times. all the planning, the change, it effects ( positive positive).. and all. You bet it sounds too ideal ( Kills the funs of life..;). But can't apply it practically. Even if I try it, it doesnt work for long. ( Yes Ppl..I know " Being yourself" theory, but we are dealing with one serious issue here)
And the last choice... well thought on it a lot. But seems like all is not lost yet. Unseen hopes still fly inside.

Either they will make me fly high....or Crash me somewhere..
This remains to be seen!

[Illustration by a talented friend - Navi! You can visit his blog here - On Road to Hell]

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