UAG - United Artists Guild

UAG - The name of a brand new web magazine. It includes everything about creative art. It portrays works of some fellow artists which range from Photography,Logos,Tutorials,Cartoon strips,Animation,Articles and Graphics. The feature is the tutorial of various graphics and imaging softwares like Adobe photoshop to Maya and many more. It also plans to serve as platform for all artists and creative fellow beings to submit their work, and it will be published in the forthcoming isuues.
The issue of september is available right here for download. I really hope you will like it!

"UAG - Think Create Inspire"

The September issue cover is here:

You can download the Magazine from here:

You can mail the responses at :



Man i do like sardars all the way
I have started doing what u once advised and i m striving really hard here not to be a doomed doc,maybe being a poet of some sort

akanksha said...

Well..i'll surely chk out the magazine.BTW the second pic was too good i must say!!! keep cr.

disillussioned_me said...

hey! nice magazine u have there...i like the second pic& wats written in it..hehehe!

diyadear said...

hey that sounds interesting.. will surely ckeck out.. thanks for sharing..

Jyoti said...

I never knew that..well these days i really need good tutorials on photoshop..will this magazine help

Jyoti said...

i want a filter which can create rich oil color painting you have any idea about it?

INDR's Angels said...

thanks for the comnt s.
Ciao !

Anonymous said...

Great blog :), do visit mine.

kaylee said...

I will check that out

how have you been lately?

Rajeev said...

sounds like a good one! :P
Will download sooN! :)
How'veu been doin bro? longtime no see...!??!?

peace & love

Rajeev said...

not at all brother :)
u can copy it! :)

peace & love

Irreversibly Screwed said...

sounds very interesting... im already on my way to downloading it..
this is the best part about blogging... u discover little treasures thanks to other bloggers.. :-)

Anonymous said...

hey cool link !! i know why u're soooo creative..kidding but u sure have a great page :)

shikha said...

Hiii...!!!Its been such a long time...u dunt blog v often these days..busy with coll?saw d match??awesome na...

n i ll surely check out d mag..!

Adi Crazy said...

Thanks for sharing this.

shikha said...

so smone's busy with coll...ahan!!!u know wat...i envy after coll is crazy...m dyin to be back in coll(read b school) ..but its all very tough:-( and i m too young to compete wid all dose geeks..:-(
moral of the story :- have fun while in coll..cuz u hav no clue wats waiting for u after grad!!!scared,eh?

Ayesha Hoda said...

The design looks great!