The Experience!

A man is closest to the God when he is creating something. When a painter is painting something close to his heart , a sculptors craving something out of his mind, a musician who has just found the right stroke of the tune, a poet who has found the right word. The moment when a new creation is taking birth. The bond is the strongest.As if the almighty as himself stepped in him. Yeah that close. Closer than close.

One starts moving his feet on a music. The move becomes a movement , the movement shapes into dance, the dance into state of trance, and the state into enlightenment.

One starts reading, reading becomes resonance, resonance becomes visual, the visual becomes a feel, the feel becomes reality, the reality becomes the truth.

There are experiences in life which may become eternal. They might not be as strong as enlightenment. But they are certainly a feel of the force. The power around the universe. The great feeling which cannot be described in words. You may try but it would be like doing injustice to that feeling, to that experience.

Hence, you feel it, you keep it in, you experience it!

You might be lying down under the open sky on a rock. The breeze makes the buzz. It touches our body. The smell fills you pores. You look at the stars. You look and look. The mind starts to ponder. What are these. Yes they are stars, that is moon. But what are they. They are beautiful. They lite up the sky...!
And slowly they drift away....
The mind goes nil, void. You just feel. Everything is just one. The air, the sky, the
soil, the fire. All senses are one.
This is an experience!

You put on your favorite song on loop. You feel good. The music is so soothing. You start humming the words along with it. You sing along. May be you move to it too.
It goes on and on....
You calm down. The sit or lie down at one place. The eyes shut down automatically. The scenes start flowing. The memory goes back. Something, Someone related to that song. You start thinking of that. Start remembering things. You smile. Or a tear falls down from you eye...
And after a while..all is gone. You are still. Mind is empty. All is void. All is nothing. Song plays and you in a different state.

The feeling.
The memory.
The emotions.
The smoothness.
The emptiness.
Void space...

The Experience!





swatimala said...

u got tht right..when we do something rite, when we something wid passion....we feel close 2 god

shikha said...

Exactly!! Its difficult to put that experience in words...but its world's most beautiful feeling....

anyways , that remidns me...wats up wid ur admission and all??u were trying for MBA na???

humbl devil said...

dude this was godly!!!

Indrajit said...

i lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeedddddddddd it ....

d SINNER!!! said...


Almost Godly...

i wud call it a gr8 piece...

B/w i wudnt like to leave u out but drop in ur mail id...pahleez...

Cinderella. said...

I dont like God...

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow... that is a nice post... a wonderful free write.. quite soothing...
i loved the way you play with words :-)

Devil Mood said...

A man is closest to the God when he is creating something.

Wow, that is such a Leo thing to say! Leo is the sign of creativity and creation, be it children, or art, or a project. You got that right.

Replying to your comment, I already wrote about Leo on my blog and I also replied to your question here

Hope you're satisfied.

Keshi said...

great writeup!

but like Cindy, Im not so sure of that Man anymore.


tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

that wasnt less than enlightenment! you got that bang on..pal!

backpakker said...

you have expressed it so well...

Standbymind said...

Yeah! we do!

Nothin is up :(
U tell me the good news soon!


glad u did!

@ d sinner
Thank you mam!

U cant like/disliek him!


@devil mood
ty ..i read that..

He aint man!

:) ty ty!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post !! one of the best i've read on your blog...:)

wildflower said...


I had framed this right after I was thru' the first para... :)

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

Hi SM,

What a wonderful posting!

I love where you are coming from, my dear friend.

When I put pen to paper I remember who gave me my mind and my life.

Best wishes


Alok said...

This post is brilliant!
I am an atheist, but I know what you speak of.

What you describe is so true.
I believe that every human being has the ability to appreciate what I call as "hard work+originality".

When you experience a creation that stirs something in you, it is this ability of yours that is awakened. And it feels so "divine"!

This reminds me of Kabir.

Nicely written!

Sushant said...

Exactly exactly exactly!

manisha said...

really...dis feelings really dificult to put into words..u did just dat...i updated!!

Impressionist said...

wow bro!
U said it all mate!


Standbymind said...

been lill busy ppl...:(


No wonder :)

hey how r ya?

ty !



ty mate

nikhil said...

after writing this post u must have felt the same feeling! dude too good!

*~*Sameera*~* said...

Wow!That was a lovely,spiritual post.Felt so calm just reading it :)

Akshay B said...

this is passionate writing.. love the article man!

Canary said...

Dropped by from another blog... You write very poetic and rhythmic.. :)

Keshi said...

then why d u call him 'he' :)


Payal said...

The feeling.
The memory.
The emotions.
The smoothness.
The emptiness.
Void space...
all are just the life patterns..
one follows the other
and at last becomes void.


Ghost Particle said...

//You might be lying down under the open sky on a rock. The breeze makes the buzz. It touches our body.//

the times when the mind soared higher than ever, the sky looked to be low enough to touch...and the hearts in love never stopped beating. :)

Beauty and the BEast said...

The God of small things? You made me believe in him all over again

Cinderella. said...

Why cant I ?

Standbymind said...

Almost ;)

@ Sameera
Glad u fel that way!

@Akshay B
Ty man :)

thanx for droppin by!

She...ok now ;)



that novel..?

Try..U will

shooting star said...

yeah creativity is sure a divine experience...sometimes one's work brigns so much satisfaction ,which overshadows personal failures..that's why i guess some people are workholic....they find happiness which for them compensates pain they face in some other arena of life...

Rashi said...

very well written...

unpretentious_diva said...

very true.

ArUn raFi said...

nice one.honest for certain.u can gt pleasure frm the smallest of things tht u do.and those who realise it never gt bored evn fr a single moment.appreciate evrythin around you.nice.

Still Searching said...

OMG! I couldn't agree more!! I have always been a person like that who internalizes the experience instead of talking on and on about it because the moment I speak about it, it loses its charm!

sharyu said...

thats life too i guess.

Shruti said...

yes yes.. its true.. all that u've written.. creation makes u feel godly.. in fact, even when that plant, the seed of which u planted, comes up and grows gradually into a tree, the feeling is very godly.. but.. I was searching for something all over ur post which I did not find..
Oh tell me.. pretty please.. what DID u create? what made u write this?

Shruti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~_ Prasad _~ said...

I agree...
the experience is amazing...that one perfect song can make all the difference to ur mood!

Irreversibly Screwed said...

beautifully stated!!!...

its strange how some songs are so difficult to listen to even though you love them.. but you're right about it being a state.. and then the void that sets in.. like long drawn numbness..
i guess its about the miracle of life.. the birth of something new.. the power to create something..

great post!!..

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

So true!

The feeling is completely indescribable and equally beautiful.

The post flows into the reader's mind word by word, comfortably settling and taking the reader into like a flashback... Like a re visit to that experience. Thats what makes this post special! :-)

Aditi said...

Rightly said.
I agree its a beautiful feeling ...

Aditi said...

I'm fine....
How bout u...
I'm here for blogging after many days?
not getting too much time..

gunj said...

there is art in all that we art lies divine presence!

Standbymind said...

@shooting star
Yeah man!




Yeag, i know what u mean!


ahan....Well writing this piece was an experience!

yeah man

yes yes yes

thank you Nabila!

hey aditi!


Adi Crazy said...

Passion is what makes anything Godly.
And surprise! Surprise! I wrote about paintings too!!! Colors are so exciting. I loved the image on the post too.

Sujoy Bhattacharjee said...

You can be quite lyrical when you find time off from the sarcastic tongue........

Standbymind said...

@ Adi
hey thats coool...i shall check on!

@ Sujoy
LoL...Thats some dose for my morning!

S.T. said...

where r u dese days???no posts...???

btw i moved my blog to

manisha said...

i lways cum bak for more!!!! :)

kya yar..y dnt u update often..nd to add to this..dnt u see u have so many fans..

dnt disappoin thm..hee hee..

take care bie

manisha said...

btw...i read dis post again..wat to do??

Ab said...

well, could it not be that when u need to do something really perfect, like artistic, you need to have the power of God more, and your heart stays more in touch with Him?
so, its an argument in favour of spirituality....

humbl devil said...

oye paaji..kitthe ho???

Ab said...



Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wowwwww lovely spiritual post. loved reading it. feeling really good now.

take care

Mansi said...

subtle yet profound...beautiful :)

phoenix said...

fried schiller in his poem the ideal and actual life that man becomes almost god, when like god a sculpture moulds a mound of clay into a fine piece of art, when you create you are closest to god!

well said... nice piece of writing :)

mindbodysoul said...

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