The Shift Theory

All our lives, god knows how many damn theories we must have read. Read them - some bowled us over , some simply bounced over the heads and some were errr...aaah just something. (Damn I cant even describe it).

For some odd reasons which I really fail to understand I feel like giving one too.

So let me give to you this theory called - The Shift Theory!

" Every individual tends to shift from one entity to other."

The tendency of shifting is directly proportional to given two factors:

1) The Mind's amount of monotonousness.
2) The body's willingness to put in required effort.

Now it is of utmost importance that we understand the mutual relationship of these two factors.

When the mind become a bored shell, it becomes stagnant. There is no doubt that this level of stagnancy varies from an individual to individual. But once you reach this level, there is a deep unrest. There is nothing left to explore (or mind assumes or whatever it wanted to explore it thinks has been explored.)The mind seeks freshness and a new adventure.

Now this instigates the next process in the factors we are talking about. The mind has decided and wants a new field to play in. But it is upto the rest of the body to put in the effort required.

Now a natural question that would incur in your mind is - Effort required for what?
( please if you know the obvious answer or you think this is NOT a natural question or I am forcing this question unnecessarily....guys! This is a freakin' Theory and I have to make it that way please bear)

We should all understand that the mind just wants something new. It is a thought.It is what the mind craves for. Mind may identify a brand new entity which looks very promising. The body would have to work out and actually go and get that entity.
For example :
The body would have to study that entity.
The would have to approach the entity.
[ For detail please refer to the " The Effort Theory"]

If the body successfully delivers the worked out plan... Bingo ! The individual has got the new entity - which is fresh, new, blooming, unexplored ( by the mind in question, may be already explored by others). Now the Mind and body can work and play with this entity which is of deep interest.

Now depending on a number of factors ( not to be mentioned in here as it itself is an area of study) , the mind again reaches the stagnancy after the complete exploration has been done and looks for for a SHIFT!

And hence, the cycle repeats itself!

(*)A few exceptions:
**The mind may get stagnant but the body is not ready to work.
** Mind is stagnant, but individual pushes it to stay in stagnancy, which ultimately results in numbness.


Prude said...

Well definitely looks like u need a shift right now. They say that when men start creating theories out of the sky...they r desperate for change and excitement!

Cool BTW!

Standbymind said...

Yes Yes....;)
They sure are...;)

Jayant said...

I want to shift tooooo!

swatimala said...

just 1 word 4 this!!!

humbl devil said...

teri oonchi shaan hai maula
meri arzi maan le maula
tu hai sab kuch jaanne waala
main hoon tera maanne waala
mujhko bhi to shift kara de
thodi si toh shift kara de...


Devil Mood said...

I wonder if blogging became a stagnation-provoking ententy lately for you, hence why you don't blog often - is that what you're trying to tell us? ;)

Indrajit said...

Hmm. Some deep thoughts here mate.
Same I feel quite often . Very good.
And thanks so much for ur commnt. I am honored. Tc .:)

Oracle said...

mind is a friggin hungry machine. feed it or it will feed on ur soul!

tHe_NeW_cYnIc said...

"AHA".Good read and where have you been ha?

Keshi said...

I need a big SHIFT too! Great post here.


Anonymous said...

cool logic !

Standbymind said...

I know man!


@humbl devil
ha ha..dat was like supa kool!

Well..this is what I like about it...the way I thing in interpreted and seen by diff ppl..
think of it..yeah it sounds good..

yeah..hey that was worth it!

yeah man..damn right!

Well..have been here and have been there! started my B school actually!

hey r ya?

@lavender looks like logic to someone atleast!!!

Impressionist said...



Avaran said...

phew! so we're back! dude, so wer were u al along?

Standbymind said...

I was waiting for someone to say that too..:)

hey howz you man..
nothin man just gat lost..may be u can see that in the post itself!

Avaran said...
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Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

In simple language, normal people call this 'complicated' theory of Shift (complicated because thats how all theories are meant to be), 'TAKING A BREAK'! which all of us need all the time! ;)

Nice one there! :)

ab said...

wat wat? wat call you bought? u lost money or u jus didn make as much as ud hav liked to?

Standbymind said...

tool Nifty 4500 call...sold it to soon...;)

Kim said...

Welcome to the Shifters Club!