I have seen this happening to many of the blogger pals over the years. Many of them had given up writing - just because they could not do it anymore and some because lack of time. Few of them had just disappeared into the thin air. Most of these were class blogger - who had written some of the very though provoking and powerful pieces on their blog.

I must admit that I am in a fix too. I have been very irregular from the last two years. I have tried at times. From a long time - I have been trying hard. But it is not working. There is no inspiration from anywhere. The mind does not function in that way. Its become very static. No highs,No Lows and no drastic changes.

I know this thing never comes by trying. It just happens. Suddenly the story would come in front of your eyes - your mind would know all the details. Just few minutes and the entire piece would be written down! But it isn't happening no more!!

But I do not want to give up and shut it down. Many of you have been my good blog pals. You have been reading from a long time. And all the others - I am sure at least some of you would have come across this stage in your life also. I know that this is the time that I turn to you all for help.

I need help. I need suggestions. I need advise!


greengoddess said...
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greengoddess said...

I like that u r being honest and not pushing too hard !! Bravo !!! Only suggestion from my side... dont try too hard. U are a natural and it will come back to u ... very soon !! Till then keep up your spirits and keep searching !!!

Ghost Particle said... its lost. but its not the end.

what im trying is to write short pieces. however crappy they are, as to get the momentum. then maybe there is a chance the old candid story writing will come back fullforce and a nice flow will be created.

if that fails, just post photos! it works for a while. eventually u can write short text for the photos - photojournalism, then full posts. :)

im at a loss to... :(

tc man, we had seen better times, but future for blogs looks to get better.

Mansi said...

I totally agree,we all go through the dreadful writers' block!

you know what, there's just one suggestion from my kinda worked for me...rather than racking your brains about a topic to write on, just pen down events from the day/week...u'd be surprised how easily the words come to u. and trust me, it makes a very interesting read too.

humbl devil said...

welcome to the club, mere bhai...

koi na...sab theek ho jayega...bas tu diye ko bujhne na de...


Indrajit said...

Agree to almost all of the people above. Can't suggest anything specific. But yes, Writer's bloc do come in at times. :)

A friend of mine is a classic writer... Every 2 weeks, he's plagued with writer's bloc. But whetever he writes, he rocked. Today impulsive genius that he is, deleted the blog!

I am still upset and he would be upset after few days,. He loved his blog a lott.

Just an incident I narrated.

Standbymind said...

Hope it does!thanx!!

@Ghost Particle
Thats a great thing you are doing man.
Short pieces - I like that.

Yeah man..May I should!

Thans man for all this!!


Cool..ty for teh idea mansi!

@Humle Devil
Ty ty! Nahi bhujne denge!!

Man - I get those impulses too...
Hope that never happens!!


aqua gurl said...

happens to everyone i guess at some point of time

when it happened to me, i decided to take a break.!!

i did get back though

PS-amazing background...

Anonymous said...

I think just relax for sometime, perhaps visit a new place, have interactions with new people, read some new books and I guess you'll again see new thoughts developing and words flowing once again...maybe you can give a try and just take your time off...!

The Juggernaut said...

we-ll i aint a frequent blogger like you...but i hav a piece of advice...u r probably in that phase where ideas dun come knocking...just wait...get motivated reading some gud blogs...they help..i took up writing just cause i read some gud bloggers and i wanted to write well...hope u get wat m sayin

Optimistic note is that...i love ur no matter wen u write i will wait :D

akanksha said...

Highs and Lows would come and go, but the power to write would survive!

I have a similar situation at my end...But someday,I'll be back! And hope you would be here too

Take care and Keep Writing dude!

Standbymind said...

@Aqua gurl
Good u gat back:)
glad ya like...

Good idea..guess should!!

Ty for appreciation mate!

I shall..thanx gal!!

~_ Prasad _~ said...

I knw mann...exact same thing here!
But i find our blogs a way into our won lets just try to keep it alive..
Let it take a while...but let that occasional post keep comin...keep each other updated...

(Im good btw...hectic work...and same old same old..wasup with u?)

Vagabond said...

you lack.
you stop.
you look.
you are struck.
you write. =)

keeps me going.

and by the number of reactions this post could have guessed.
stay =)

Princess said...

It happens to all at times, inspiration is all around us. Just look for it ; whatever you think either when you are on a long travel when you have nothing else to do than think or sleep or while sitting idle or during one of those sleepless nights where so many thoughts emerge out of nowhere.

Thanks for dropping by my dreamscapes wordpress blog, I would wait for more responses before telling the answer , best wishes for finding inspiration soon

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