Thrill Speed Inspiration...

"Do you think Money is everything in life?" He snapped while negotiating a sharp turn. The speedometer was hovering above 130 Kmph. Too fast for Indian city roads. His friend sat next next to him, unaffected by the speed or the turn made by his buddy.

" Yes! It is ,unless you have earned millions and millions already...!" He said.

"Good Point! Anyways I am bored. I do not know what to do. There is no charm in life. No fuckin inspirations. No push No pull....Its turning out pretty sad."

His pal lit his cigarette and started smoking.He turned down the windows and cool air moved in.
"Pull down at that store man."

He gets down and brings back couple of chilled redbull cans and some fag for himself.
"Lemme drive my depressed buddy..." And takes the driving seat.

"But man look at my life...Everything has become a shit code or a program. A fukin robotic life ..No bloody freshness...What should I do....?"

The foot was on at the gas and the speed was touching 180 now...He snapped the button while driving and sunroof opened up. They driving by the sea and it was a beautiful scene outside.

"Go asshole,move you ass up!" He snapped.

He moved his head out of the roof. For one second he though his head would snap off his neck and fly away. The force of wind was so strong that he had hard time fighting it. He could not breathe. His air flew madly in air. The skin on his cheeks seemed as though it would get ripped off. And he closed his eyes. It felt so damn good.

" This is fuckin better than the Orgasm"

He thought to himself...!

"Get back man..." He pulled him back. He laid back on his seat with eyes closed.

The car stopped. " We are home Sir.."

" Man I fuckin know what I want to do in life. I feel so full of life. I feel so fresh. I feel inspired. I have never felt so good in my life" He blabbered on and on!

He picked up his laptop and started writing a post for his long forgotten blog...smiling and sipping his redbull.

His buddy looked at his enthusiastic and hyperactive friend tapping his fingers on his laptop - and shook his head...

"Arsehole..." He mumbled under his breath and went to bed!


Prude said...

Whatever gets you to do it man :)

Heavenly Muse said...

very appropriate imgae u chose.....the expression for the speedy materialistic life...

Indrajit said...

Excellent imagination! N superb pic selection to go along with it.
Btw, ur flicker also rocks.


humbl devil said...

start going on those trips more often, dude... :P

Ginni said...

That is some way to get inspirations maaan!

Anonymous said...

I did this thing once. The experience is beyond words. I never dared to do it again.
Very nicely crafted post.

Utopia said...

hahah! yeah longtime. :-) been a while. so you still blog it seems.

Mansi said...

Loved the post for it's punch!! :)
very well-written!

Rashi said...

well done yet again...

been fine..

thanks for dropping by...

keep rockin'

Standbymind said...

haha ;)


hey ty man

I should!!!!



ya trying to man!


Great! ty

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

so true
will try that sometime

Standbymind said...

You should!!!!!!!!

deepdish said...

Just the right kind of thing I wanted to read....

Gonecase said...

Cool stuff man, very neat !

And thanks for dropping by, doing okay :)

Standbymind said...

ty man

ok sounds bad!

Gonecase said...

Job keeping me busy, real busy !!

Gonecase said...

Bangalore, an IT company !!

Standbymind said...

@Thats cool