Whose life is it Anyway..?

We all have been given a life and it is up to us how we choose to live it. A few of us would choose to live it to the fullest on their own terms, some would accept it as it comes and some would choose it the way the others choose it for them. The latter seems to be the strangest class of people to me and yet strangely these people are in a very great number.
Let us discuss about this class of people today. Ask them why they are studying in engineering college. Answer wouldn’t be that because they want to be great engineers or anything else but because their parents wanted them to or their brother/sister is also an engineer. Wow that’s one swell of an answer. They are studying irrelevant subjects just to make their parents happy. This according to them is the only way to pay back what their parents have done for them. I absolutely agree with the point the sacrifices are made by parents for their children so that they become a successful person in their life. But everyone’s heart has some dreams, some secret ambition they have held up in their hearts and which would always remain held up in their hearts only. The desires, the ambitions, the passions and the dreams are suppressed just because those are not in accordance with the will of the parents and the society. This hypocrisy and pretendance has killed innumerous dreams, the wonderful artists, the writers, scientists, players that the world would have witnessed.
I once read somewhere that there are billions of human beings on this earth at the moment, but no two of them are same. A very few of us realize this fact that if the God himself wanted each and every single one us to be different then why don’t we become ourselves? If our heart says something why don’t we listen to it? The life has been given to us by the Almighty which is unique and wonderful. We have been given a unique brain and thinking and yet we choose to ignore it and listen to others. Please do not do something just because you have been told to. Do listen to your heart and your mind…….God wanted you to choose the way to live your life in your own way, so do it.

And yes! By all the ways it’s your life..!


Net Gautam said...

Good to see you...specially from my varsity.

Keep visiting ;)

Saira said...

Really a nice and practical thing uve mentioned...but hardly their r ppl who actually realise what they want out of their lives...good one..:)