Fooled For Life!

Everyone of us must have had this feeling not once but many times during their lives. Well I have it almost everyday!

Ninth Grade:
Me> Mom I am sick of these books and studies. This is digusting!
Mom> Son,Ninth grade is a little bit difficult.Just pass this and see everything will be good and easy!

Tenth Grade:
Me> Mom My boards are coming. I don't think I am gonna score good marks. It so damn difficult and boring!
Mom> Oh ho Son this is all because of board class. Just work hard ,good times lay ahead!

High School:
Me> Mom Life sucks! This is so damn tough. I don't know how this shit is going to be of any use in my life.Chemistry,Maths, is all crap!
Mom> Oh Son! These two years are the toughest years in student's life. Its like two years of meditation and dedication. If you work now ,believe me you whole life will be all pleasant and fine.It all about getting into a nice college!

Me> Mom! This is utterly gross! I have no social life,People here are nerds and my life is hell. Why am I even studying these subjects. Its all cramming,the grades....But you told me the hardest part was over???
Mom> My son My son...Work hard and get yourself into a good B school. Or may be get placed in a good company. See if You get a nice fat package there will be no looking back for you!


Well I haven't gone to the next step because I am still stuck in this college.
But I am so very sure that this will follow everywhere and at every phase of my life. We are fooled.
Fooled by parents,fooled by those teachers and proffesors..and a stage comes when we start making ourselves fool!
And that day will be the most dreadful day in our lives!

It is very important that we never let that day come in pur lives!
Don't let them fool you and don't fool yourself. We have given this beautiful gift of life and we need to live it to fullest. Don't do what they tell you. Just follow your heart!



Kanika said...

Following my heart would mean living like a rolling stone, forever on a journey with nothing but a bagpack and odd jobs for food.
So, wanna run away? :D

purvabhatia said...

Life's Like That! :)

Rajesh said...

So true!!!
FucK the World man!

swatimala said...

gud 1!! was laffing throughout!!!

StandbyMind said...

LAffing??? lol
I thought this was damn serious!

Zee said...

I don't know about following the heart bit and all.....but this post sure makes me feel glad that I'm done with exams for life (hopefully!!!)

Ruchika said...

yup so true.. have no delusions... its going to continue throughout your life! in b-school it will be "work hard u'll get a good job", at work it will be "work hard u'll get a promotion"... and then a car, then a house, then some more.. endless fooling, i agree! i don't blame people for saying this.. it is 'motivation skills' at the practical best!

and in the process we're always postponing our happiness!

Brazen Head said...

Angst is such a part of youth:-)
Good luck.

StandbyMind said...

"Motivation Skills" at its best...!!
"postponing our happiness.."

Beautifully Said there....!

Thanx for Reading!

sushant said...

i couldn't have agreed more. the torture just doesn't seem to end. pretty much in the same situation as you are.

subhra said...

thnx a lot for going thru my blog...very true wat u said abt life...its all either a lie or an illusion created around us...hw many of us hv ever been able to follow our hearts even in the tiniest desires tht we hv???

diyadear said...

follow ur heart.. follow ur dreams..

manisha said...

just follow ur heart!!

easy to say dude , hard to follow!!!

but realy true..wish evry one cud have d scope of doin wat their heart told them...