Love this Song!

I saw this Song's Video on television few days back. This one is a punjabi song. I downloaded and since then I am hooked to it. This one is called - Teriyaan Adavaan feat Apache Indian by Preet Harpal.

The Music is so cool. I like the lyrics and the voice of Preet is great too. Its been mixed pretty well and Apache Indian adds the flavour as ever!

" Ena Akhiyaan ch paya na kar surma,
Manka de nal chhad turna,
Teriyaan Adavaan Munde dange,
Haye ni Mannoniye,
Haye ni pathonie,
Haye ni sun soniye....."

Its awesome!

I am putting a link to the song here (Many friends couldn't download it): Its on left side under the heading - " My Songs"...

You can just listen to it by clickin the icon!

Happy listening . I hope You will like it!


Preeti said...

Hey Man Is it a nice song..
I couldnt get few words..Guess you will have to help me in them.......

Lavender said...

Punjabi music sure rocks..nice blog though..i like the way u've merged your writings with illustrations depicting thoughts..a lot of color in it.