Born Besharams!

We hear about the people who are born losers and born winners and so many other things about them. But here I present you one more of the 'Born kind" class of people:

- You know that you will flunk tomorrows
exam if you do not study for few hours now.
And you still dont open the damn book.

-You know that if you go clubbing tonight ,you
wont be left with money for tomorrow's
meals. But you go for it.

- If you talk to that chic nicely and with a
little patience,she will be yours soon. But
you go tell her to shut up because she is irritating you!

-You sit for hours hoping someone will
come and bring you a glass of water you
are dying for.

-You prefer getting detained in a subject
than waking up early morning to attend that
silly lecture.

-When people tell you to get serious and
change yourself and get a life,you think the
same about them.....!

If its Yes to these, then I welcome you to the
community of - BORN BESHARMS! Life is so cool and fun...!
(I love the tag)

This Besharmi rocks!


Kanika said...

I got an exam, haven't studied!
Me a proud besharam :D
We gonna save the earth man! Rock on!

StandbyMind said...

My Friend Kanikaaaaa!
Yes together we shall..n we will!

Anonymous said...

glad to find a fellow besharam
keep it up, really hilarious post!!!

ATUL DOGRA said...

wah bhai kya baat hai app bhi kum nhi ,raat ke 3 baje hai or is post ko padh ke nend ud gyi sari enjoyed a lot

Anonymous said...

bingo... apot on buddy ;)

Anonymous said...

bingo... spot on buddy ;)

manisha said...

d besharmi rocks, for sure, but it does suggest one's lyk an ice cream, eat it b4 it melts...:)