Life is Good

You wake up in the morning with a bright smile on your face. Its just one of those ordinary days walk to your balcony and wonder how beautiful the morning is. The mind seems to be in peace with surroundings. Walking towards the mirror, you see a wide smile on your face, its not just that the smile is on your face only but it feels
like that every body part is happy for some reason. The bread toast and eggs are so yummy, the tea you despise soothes your throat. Then suddenly the reality hits you... you have an exam tomorrow, you missed your project deadlines last night, you bills are pending and yes, your girlfriend ditched you. But still you can't help feeling good.

This is the feel good factor. There is no trace of tension. Everything looks perfect to you. It looks like the day belongs to you! It feels as though nothing can go wrong today or rather it is not going to make any difference to you!
Why does this happen? You feel so happy,excited about this day without any reason. Adreline is rushing in the veins.

Does it happen to you?

Is it something in the air or has the God gifted you this day. You would never know the reason of the happiness and that never fading smile on this day on your face you would love it and wonder when it would it happen again!!!


ViKash said...

Yeah i know exactly what u mean by that.i do feel that at times!

a regular visitor... said... waiting for the next post...

StandbyMind said...

thanx for reminding I need to post sumthin..:) thank u for being a 'regula visitor'