Running Away

So how many times have you heard people with experience telling so many things and philosophies of life..?

I bet it must have happened to you innumerable times. They tell you all with such an awesome convincing power that listening to it over and over again - you start believing it!

  • Don't keep running from your problems. You will have to face them one day.
  • How long would you run from you life? It will catch up with you sooner or later.
  • Don't Run.. Its futile.
Yeah Yeah..All of you would have heard this. And so many of you would be seriously reading this and nodding your head like all those people you actually tell all this. (Experiences of life....Yeah!)

Well all I gotta say is -  "RUN  FASTER Dude..!"

Be better..Be faster than the problem - and you shall always stay ahead....!

Hell YEAH! 


Rinny said...

Well if you blive, you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Judge not a book by its cover.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Lucifer said...

Daud ke jauge kahan? :)

Standbymind said...

Jana kahan hain - Life is just a vicious circle - Ghumte raho lekin - Bhagte Bhagte!

蔡曼鄭美玉屏 said...
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Utopia said...

Can I use a profanity and call you a bum? Yeah that is the funniest piece of advice I have heard in sometime bum!

Standbymind said...

I can see you already went ahead with that - anyways my answer would have been "Plase go ahead" only, so its cool.

Yeah funny..or may be sick..but a good confidence and the strong will would surely lead you to win the race!

akanksha said...


Rashi said...

:)u set aside all philosophies...

Standbymind said...

Ty Ty!! ;)

Dandelion said...

philosophies always made me feel inferior....
as if i cn neva reach dat level!!!
urs (run faster dude) is so meeee!!!!! love ur blog....ur images even more!

Standbymind said...


Thank you and welcome..
Keep running!!!

nOt anyone you know said...

and how i love that analogy!!!
great =D

Devil Incarnate... said...

Hmm Run faster ony to find the problem at other end????
Man, problem got a good power in catching up with us nommatr hw b wher we r goin..

nOt anyone you know said...

hey where are you? why no more posting?

shadow said...

In my Dreams ,You know ,Who You Are
I Whisper Prayers ,To be Heard ,the Truth ,

That what I am suppose to do ,as answer to Prayers .

Setting ,You Free ,of every hearing My heart beat ,I shall ,give my all

oh how life ,could open up to give fresh start ,to love ,share our lives as we both know and believed it should been ,I been trying get back to you ,

the days turned to months
now my heart weeps ,as I can't feel you ,near as always held .

I am scared ,
I sound silly
I believe speaking What is Truth in your Heart
Never can be Silly
As it has taken me all this time ,to reach deep within me ,set my own ,free ,see a truth that was screaming to be Heard ,before it was lost .
I prayed for Time
Prayed ,you be watched over ,
Prayed for understanding
for to love ,
I never wanted ,you out my life ,Listen to many things ,you speak of me .

maybe I've loss

A Truth that beats with my own Heart ,will be

Two Fools that kept pushing each other away
Two fools ,that wouldn't pick up a phone ,or talk

two fools ,with a smile
Let go

rest our lives
those two fools
will always feel those beats of
"our hearts "

wiping away my Tears ,Screaming with my complete Soul to be Heard
I Love You

My Dreams ,you will always be ,maybe in life ,couldn't be together ,as I would gave

was no one that was there to Listen

Was always there ,to fix me

Was none that accepted ,after hearing truth

there was many that was there to Judge

As ,it must of seemed ,my heart ,felt nothing

as must seemed things I done ,was heartless

dreams ,you shall be ,with me that ,holds no judging ,only accepting ,with love ,we always knew

Standbymind said...

@not anyone: Thanks mate

@Devil: So what...keep running..faster ;)

@not anyone : Hey I am here..will be posting me with inspiration

nOt anyone you know said...

there is no inspiration here either.

you pass on some when you get any.

Standbymind said...

@not anyone : let's share up things,may be we can get some by doin that...add me @gtalk..

Anonymous said...

won't work if u ask me!!!!

Standbymind said...

@chandni: You tried real hard?

WalterMitty said...

Right when I was struggling to run away from my life (which is a prob itself), I came across your blog... N thanks for telling me running is good....!!! It keeps u fit too :P (burns calories)

P.S. I loved your blog :)