Run Run Run

He wanted to Grow up - He started Running!
He was followed...
He wanted to chase dreams - He started Running!
He was followed....
He Screwed up - He started Running!
He was Followed...
He got Sad - He started Running!
He was followed...
He was Running...Running and Running!
He wasn't Followed.....

He walked the street...
He was followed - The Shadow
He started Running!
He was followed....
He stopped and broke the street Lamp...
He was Alone!
Welcome - called out darkness...
Now its just You....
He started Running.......


Dream catcher said...

wow!! how well u portrayed this...
somehow it did also remind me of 'Forrest Gump'..:)
so well u have ut the mental image..gr88!! fabulous..

The Acid Tongue said...

Pink Floyd!!!!!!

the walker said...

i kinda agree with dream catcher...

RUN Forest RUN !!!

disillussioned_me said...

i thought u were talking about forest gump too!
I like the way u have conveyed it...very innovative.

ravali said...

very well written. i haven't ever seen that movie forest gump.

JudeTheObscure said...

Nice beautiful one here,

Feels nice to read simple words conveying a deep meaning! This post is easily one of your best!



Dream catcher said... have been given an award mate..n u better accept it..
dont wanna hear any "no"..
check my blogs for details

StandbyMind said...

oh yeah Run rabbit Run Song...heard it coupks times...

@ Everybody (-->>RAVALI)
Dear All..
I and Ravali will ne Downloading/Renting/Buying the Movie as soon as possible!

StandbyMind said...

And BTW I was thinkin of RUN LOLA RUN...
Saw it on TB6 MOckba( remember the channel guys;) ...)

akanksha said...

Well..dats wxactly wt we all tend to do in ,run n run.Run behind behind people.And run for achieveing goals...afterall dats y life is called a jrny!!!!

Swat !!! said...

nice one there! :)

swatimala said...

simple yet so very meaningful!

thank u 4 the comments on my blog...sorry 4 replying so late, i was not in town...

Ekta said...

ur post is so bang ok...thats all wer doing all the time...running!

Shruti said...

we all keep on running from one thing or another..
But we keep running..

Nicely narrated..

Take care

Still searching said...

We're always running from either ourselves, loved ones or even strangers! Nice lines, reminded me a bit of Forrest Gump and how he keeps running, but one day suddenly stops... the stopping is more significant than the running...

But yeah I agree, its a lot like Run Lola Run too (read your comment)

Jeya Anand said...

smartly depicted....:)

kaavya said...

Iam meet ya...when can I?

Dream catcher said...

got the movie?? or need some help :)

pallavi said...

u r consistently good at at writing aman!
just added in my links!
keep blogging!!

mine is

pRicky said...

darkness beckons and accpetance is granted...
running towards?

The Lass said...

very good ;P

Neo said...

thats a nice one!!

nikhil said...

I came
I saw
I was confused
I started running :D

Ab said...

hehe.... interesting. actually, too cool. though I hope you didnt intend to convey any idea (apart from the fact that he was running) because i didnt get any!
ok confound my lack of imagination, but then i aint putting any meaning into wat wasnt intended for meaning
anyways nice poetry, or watever u can call it!

StandbyMind said...

Ya I guess!


Please keep updating ur blog even ua rent in town:)

Yes run run run ;:)


@Still Searching
Thank you..I ve found the one who has seen the movie :)


I ll run and come there ;)

An honour!

@Dream catcher
Gatch that man!

No idea...:(

Hey ty:) Lass

Hey belated bday wisjes pal!

Bang on!!! Well said!!

it isnt anything near poetry...And meaning..Ya ..Running and Running!

Meenakshi Singh said...

Nice. :-) You have put it well... There is this psychedelic quality about the running that u mentioned. Very Nice. :-)

I was reminded of something I had written long back about senseless running... here it is:

I run... fast...faster…and faster.
All around me the maddening crowd
Runs. All chasing but one,
The masked fellow – Success.
Pushing, pulling, tripping, they run.
There he falls! trampled,
He bleeds. Yet they run -
Merciless; unheeding; untouched.

I reflect
Success! have you seen him?
You? You there? No one.
He is but the glowing sun.
The closer you move, the farther it seems.
And finally you reach it.
But there you are -
Scorched; burnt; wounded.

Flee! oh man, flee.
There where the breeze blows gentle,
Where the tall sheesham dance happily,
Where the green meadows soothe your vision,
Where the yellow fields merry your heart,
Where the rustle of the fallen leaves
Sing a tune to your ears -
Melodious; charming; enchanting.

Flee! oh soul, flee.
There where the sun is not scorching,
Where it plays hide and seek
With its dear friend, the cloud.
Where the soft beams glide secretly
Through the crevice of the oak window,
And pat gently your eyelids. You wake -
Fresh; happy; pleased.

But what is this? A faint sound.
Is it a siren? Or the sigh of the numbers
Returning from their work’s monotony.
Tired, loathsome, their legs advance,
But their heart left way behind.
No I err. The sound is solemn.
It attracts and I follow-
Unthinking; mesmerized; hypnotized.

Can this be the source? the origin
Of that solemn, divine music?
This tattered carcass of man’s devotion?
This fallen roof, these stone walls
Smoothened by algae, and grass peeping out
Of every crevice. The naked faith stares
Through his dark, stony eyes -
Powerful; steady; penetrating.

The bells ring and I find,
My head bowed in reverence,
My hands joined in prayer,
And my heart-
Calm; peaceful; tranquil.

Nithya N said...

now here i have to comment. such a beautiful piece.

Welcome - called out darkness...
Now its just You....
He started Running.......


StandbyMind said...

A real excellent piece Meenakhi.You cover the entire thing. I re read it realized how ur mind sees in depth and succesfully portrays it in words...

Ya..thats my fav part..

Princess Banter said...

Running does sometimes feel good -- but I hate knowing that we can't run forever...

Adi Crazy said...

Running...that's what we all seem to do all the time!
Awesome piece!!

Rajeev said...

great post bro! :)
i guess i have to agree with everyone here!
That post reminded of Forrest Gump! :)
hehe! tht wud my all time fav movie by hanks! ;)

peace & Love

diyadear said...

phew.. that was really quite a bit of running. hope this marathon leads him somewhere ;)lol.

ravali said...

i am not much into movies lately but we should watch it together.

Anshul Agrawal said...

Brilliant Poem...

Actually all of us are always behind something or someone or we may be running from something or someone, so in short Run Run Run...

D said...

Great work! Remind me of Waiting for Godot. Yeah, we are running tirelessly. And that's life?

Lucifer said...

Samples? Hehe. There is one. And that is nineteen pages long and still going.

Really, believe me. I will bag the Mr.Boring title next time again.

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

Philosiphically, in darkness we all stand alone...even if there is anyone around us, we do not know because we can not see. We are scared and lonely...and no matter what...sad...lonely...chasing a dream...we are always running after something and we are followed by 'atleast' our shadow, if not other people :D