Its All Same Again!

This new realization has just hit me. When these kind of things hit you, you just can't help wondering that there
were there all the time, but how in the hell you didn't see it earlier.
Now that I have realized this realization I feel very well, its kind of
unexplainable feeling actually.

Its that you find yourself at a
crux in life where you had been before. Same point ,Same feeling its
just that the time and the scenario has changed itself . 4 years of your
life have passed and you are at the same point once again. Once again
the Life has put a big question mark in front of you.
You have to make
one big decision on which your entire life may depend. You feel the Deja-vu.....yes same feel,everything is same.
You thought you have changed, you have grown and you are now a much learned man.
But the truth is - you are still the same. Sometimes you push yourself to work hard, then things like Luck,fate and destiny would come in your mind. You are so very sure about yourself and your life at one point and next, you are all down and confused....
Is it what you call a Vicious Circle..?

realize that may be you do not have a clear goal, a clear vision but
still you are moving on with life. Why? Because you have no choice but
to move on....

If you want a better feeling of what I am trying to say ,just listen to this song. Its called - SHAYAD by THE CALL!

Kal ki In Bato mein Kya rakha hain
Socho to kuch bhi nahi
Sabh khalla hain
Aj bhi kuch badlaa nahii
Kal jahan tha
Wahin hun abhi

ShayAd yahiiiii...Kismat mein Likha
Manjil Nahi..Fir bhi main Chal raha.....

In sab saaawalo mein Kya rakha hain?
Kyun main Kuch sochUn Jab
Sab Fanna Hain
Aj fir usi mod pe hun Khadaaa
Kis GUnaaah ki Seh raha hun Saaajaa

ShayAd yahiiiii...Kismat mein Likha
Manjil Nahi..Fir bhi main Chal raha...


Protegeoflife said...

Veryw ell quoted good use of language am becoming ur fan ur grammar and flow of language is very apt and nice u r defi future writer

Ashutosh said...


Thats what I call metamorphosis.

Have a look ->


Protegeoflife said...

thanx for ur comment as i said simply love ur blog updating my blog seein by u

Aditi said...

Sometimes the more the things change the more they basically remain the same..nice entry.. thanks for stopping by

StandbyMind said...

Thats beautifully said Aditi...Lets c when the actual change occurs!!!

ChilledBeer said...

thanks for the comments...would really appreciate if you linked it in your blog and referred it to friends.

You have a very nice blog yourself.

Prince Kazarelth said...

Yes, well. I don't know what you are going through, but I suppose I am going through that too.
I don't know what happened in two years, but it's the same now. Only with bigger stakes.


A very good blog you have here! I will be a definitive regular!

Minakshi Singh said...

Talk about the world, the whole universe, a single life (yours or mine) or even a single instance... everything is moving to form a circle. It starts somewhere, undertakes a journey and reaches the same point. While you can argue that you have ended up where you started, you still have gained a handful of experiences, a few moments of joy, few moments of grief and several learnings. Thats what matters. :-)

And thanks for visiting my blog :-)

Cheers Meenakshi

StandbyMind said...

Yes Indeed!
When u put it that way..Yes I do ,I have!
Beautifully said!

Anonymous said...

yes sometimes some decisions are very important, thus we take some time to crack them, but sometimes we build a castle in our heads and make a problem a huge one....
though youll always get hints of whether u should pursue it or leave it, try to enjoy those small moments and ull never repend!

Ginni said...

That is nicely written.It is bound to happen at a stage with almopst everyone I suppose!

Debalina said...

Guess, it's not just you, we all go through it.
Sometimes, you think, its over, I learnt and now I am better than yesterday and then you realize, you are just the same. Like you said, standing exactly where you were yesterday.
So, how does it matter ?
Learn a few things, experience the good n bad and maybe ugly times and move on.
are we like dogs, trying to catch our own tail while we go round and round ?

Debalina said...

And thanks for visiting my blog.

StandbyMind said...

Bow wow.....:) Yes!

Anonymous said...

That's a very well written post..u hve a unique way of expressin ur emotions...keep it up !!:)

Anonymous said...

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