Writer's Block or Life's Block?

Life becomes a routine and that, is the most unfortunate thing that can happen to you. The spark, the spontaneity, the jazz, it all just starts fading away. The worse thing is you start accepting it. Now that is not just worse – It is “the worst” thing that can happen to a human life.

There was a time when you would look at such persons - whose life has become just a boring routine, and they have accepted it - and you would think to yourself (not just to yourself but think it loud with a bang!!):
What kind of people are these??
How can they live such a dull, monotonous life??
And how in the hell can they accept it all and just don't do anything about it??

Then as the time passes by, the dreadful though just hits you right into your face. Not that it just happens overnight, but the damn realization happens like that. That moment - (What would be the opposite of the: “Eureka Moment”. Poor vocabulary just makes a limped writer, ain’t it??) just bangs your head like a hammer. Not hammer exactly; you have that “big huge iron ball” hanging from chain on big crushers and bulldozers. Yeah! thats precisely what happens to you. You got to imagine this right away in your minds!!

“You are a ‘cartoon guy’: A disfigured, loser type of a cartoon character. Your face is expressionless and dumb. You are standing on a street - alone surrounded by big sky scrapers. And you hear a small sound from the back side (Pee Pee...Watch out Loser!!) and as you turn around, you see this big iron ball flying your way...
And WHAM!!.....before you even realize what is happening, the thing has hit you...!"

All said and shown, the point is, as life goes on there comes a stage when things start settling down.(Settling down for an old guy's perspective / Fucking Dull from a young ones). May be yes, it comes off with the age. As you hit the quarter century age bracket the "settling down" factor comes in. And it starts growing slowly over years. You don't like random pub hopping, you don't really wanna risk it out, "Lets do it” kind of attitude starts disappearing.

You always thought of it as a Writer's block , but suddenly when the iron ball hitting you - The realization day and The “Moment of Enlightment” occurs and you think of bigger picture !!
The Life Block?

Is it?


humbl devil said...

hope this is just a one off thing..dude...
take a chill pill...you still got two quarters to finish...
and dont accept things...fight it... :)

Indrajit said...

Man!! You spoke, screamed my heart out!! And it's The Truth..

I feel the same. :(

akanksha said...
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Akanksha said...

How do you know whats happening to me these days? :-O

I still can't accept that its happening to me though...I keep on trying not to accept and argue with myself over it. It has really hit me hard.

But, I feel relieved that I am not alone, its happening to everyone out there!

Thanks for this post!:)


Nikki said...

Life can be mundane but life comes in phases and this too shall pass!


Standbymind said...

I am not accepting....
Theres famous song in punjabi by gurdass man
"Dil hona chahidaa jawaaan,Umaraa ch ki rakheya"
;) ( Your heart oughta be young, There nothing in the age)

Ha Ha Ha!

I just knew you see ;)

so shall the Golden young age!

Sudha Rangarajan said...

May be its just coincidence that the blog I just visited too had a post on quarter life crisis and my own writing was hampered by boredom !! Guess it spares no one. But then it reverses on its own.has happened to me at least once ! So hang on!! The mundane phase will fade away!

Standbymind said...


Thank you for the ray of hope

Ghost Particle said...

so well written.

moments will be better, sooner rather than later. life has ways to change its course i believe. and we will make it happen.


R. Ramesh said...

like your title..intersting boss. and thanks 4 passsing by..cheers always..

Mythily said...

Hope makes to go on with life...

R. Ramesh said...

thanks buddy

manisha said...

havent experienced this yet! but i do tell myself when i see such people- i iwll not be like them..i think this is universal! :( not good, not good

Standbymind said...

Yes indeed




I know what you mean . I used to feel the
same - " This wont happen to me - It Cant!
I wont let it!'

Anonymous said...

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